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Essential Digital Skills: What are the 5 basic digital skills in the workplace?

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With technology advancing at a rapid pace, its adoption at the workplace has helped increase overall productivity. Hence, potential employees are required to enhance their essential digital skills to stay employable. With job marketing getting more competitive with each passing day, those with special digital skills & specializations get jobs easily. For talented candidates to avail themselves of diverse opportunities, learning digital skills has become more than a luxury.

5 types of Digital Skills to Adopt

Learning mere basic coding skills will not suffice anymore. As a job seeker or student, you need to learn appropriate skills to be employable and get a good job.  Employers prefer to hire candidates who have problem-solving skills, better communication, and creativity. Hence, you need to enhance your skills in networking, social media branding, etc. to increase your chances of being employed.

1. MS Office skills:

Several skills, these days, have become integral for all job profiles & positions. You need to have good knowledge of MS Office as it will help you to undertake tasks effortlessly. You need to acquire the core skill to master preparing spreadsheets & presentations. You also need to increase your knowledge of advanced MS Office Suite versions to have an edge over others.

2. Online profile management:

People these days have been using different types of social media platforms to share their opinions & to seek information. They also share information, likes & tweets. Popular social media platforms like Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. have managed to develop active users in millions. You can make a strong presence through different social media channels by investing some time. You can undertake various types of activities on these social media platforms to create your image easily. Nowadays, employers search for candidates with essential digital skills by checking out social media platforms.

3. Mobile Savviness & Social Media:

Both have been changing the way people think & live. Social media is not limited to adding comments or pictures or posting an update. The different popularly used platforms have changed significantly as they are influenced by brand builders, consumers, marketers, etc. You need to get adapt to this ever-changing digital scenario & think from various perspectives. You also need to enhance your skills to use social media platforms & mobile apps to stay ahead of the competition. It will allow you to analyze the changes taking place in the industry. Also, you can think strategically and get to know how each platform functions.

Digital skills

4. Document Management:

Using advanced digital skills does help to simplify your tasks in numerous ways. But some risks & challenges are associated with it, which you need to be aware of. One crucial skill to develop is document management. Using Cloud Software, you can store crucial & vital data safely including audio, videos, photos, etc. You can also keep them organized & get access to them effortlessly. Thus, you can mitigate all the risks that you might face at the workplace.

5. Video and image editing:

Companies are using diverse social media platforms to develop their brands in various ways. They try to create their online presence by adopting various types of creative marketing strategies. Employers prefer to hire candidates with innovative & creative skills & ready to tackle challenges. Attractive infographics & videos adopted in online marketing strategies can influence the target population. Hence, one core skill to focus on is video & image editing skills.

Video editing skills

You need to be well-versed in the different types of digital skills to be termed a social-savvy & smart candidate. With the right skills, you can develop an impressive career that you can be proud of.

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