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Employee-Friendly Office as a Must in 2018

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The modern workplace has undergone numerous changes driven by the changing attitudes on the job market. Traditional offices with isolated cubicles are long gone in favor of more inspiring and stimulating spaces. Nowadays, employees see their offices as their second homes where they feel comfortable and motivated to work. Therefore, more and more employers are trying to design their workplaces in a way that will promote creativity and productivity. In 2018, the employee-friendly office will be a must that will contribute to increased job satisfaction and company success.

1. Maximised lighting

Employee-friendly office

Lighting is one of the most important factors that can affect employees’ productivity. Studies have shown that natural light contributes to the general positivity in the office and makes it seem more pleasant, open, and comfortable, which consequently enhances employees’ focus and efficiency

A space with wide windows will maximize the amount of sunlight an office gets, but if this is not viable, there are other solutions. For example, LED bulbs that emit white, clear light actually imitate natural light perfect for offices. In addition, every desk should have a task lamp that will provide employees with focused light for writing and reading.

2. Comfortable, ergonomic workstations

Employee-friendly office

Although comfort doesn’t directly affect employees’ productivity, making sure that workers feel comfortable can have a positive effect on their mood and efficiency. If they keep fidgeting because their chairs don’t provide them with the appropriate back support, they will be unable to focus on the task at hand.

Furnishing a workplace with ergonomic furniture, greenery, and state-of-the-art equipment will contribute to its general comfort and functionality.

3. Healthy meal options

Employee-friendly office

Working in an office typically entails spending a lot of time in a sedentary position, which can have a negative effect on employees’ health. Therefore, employers should make sure that their workers have plenty of healthy meal options. In addition, healthy meals and snacks will increase their energy and improve their performance at work. Therefore, an office should have a kitchen area, if possible, where the fridge will be stocked with healthy snacks, such as fruit and vegetables, and plenty of refreshing drinks.

4. Clean, healthy, and airy space

Clean, healthy and airy space

Hygiene in the workplace is one of the most important features of an employee-friendly office. This is actually a regulation that every employer should meet. Hiring a reliable office cleaning agency is the best way to ensure that your workplace is thoroughly cleaned. Professionally trained cleaners can make sure that different hidden hazards, such as dust, mites, and mold are eliminated.

Furthermore, employers should consider introducing air purifiers and plants to increase indoor air quality. Working in a stuffy office can significantly reduce efficiency and even cause health problems, such as headaches.

5. Fun areas for relaxation

Fun areas for relaxation

No one can stay completely focused for a long period of time, which is why employers should provide their employees with lounge areas where they can relax and have fun. It’s recommended to designate a special room for this purpose or place the lounge area in the corner of an office.

This way, while some employees decide to take a break and relax, others can work undistracted. Adding fun activities to lounge areas, such as table football or billiards, can also serve as an incentive to employees. They will work more efficiently in order to be able to have fun with their colleagues later on.

6. Flexible work hours

Flexible work hours

In the modern job market, salary isn’t the only factor that people consider when applying for a certain position. The Millennial generation, in particular, has other important considerations in mind and flexibility is one of them.

Promoting flexible work hours can actually make employees feel more relaxed and motivated to work. If an employer insists on a strict and rigid timetable, workers may feel uncomfortable and tense in their workplace. Introducing flexible work hours typically means that employees have the freedom to decide when to start working, but still need to meet the eight-hour quota.

Designing an employee-friendly office offers numerous benefits both for employees and employers. Not only will workers feel more comfortable and satisfied in the workplace, but they will also achieve better performance.

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