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Edgewonk Review 2023 – The Best Trading Journal?

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What Is Edgewonk?

Headquartered in Offenbach, Hessen, Germany, Edgewonk is an online trading journal for stocks, CFDs, forex, crypto, and derivatives trading. Edgewonk is compatible with 23+ online brokers, including some of the largest, like MetaTrader 4 & 5, Interactive Brokers, and NinjaTrader, and offers seamless synchronization.

Edgewonk offers actionable recommendations and tips to help you become a better trader and includes features like performance & emotional analytics tools and a backtesting environment & portfolio simulator. Edgewonk is a web-based application and downloadable software for mobile and desktop.

In this quick Edgewonk summary, I will go over all the best features of this platform. If you want to read a more in-depth analysis, check out our full Edgewonk review.

Pros & Cons of Edgewonk


  • Compatible with 23+ online brokerages
  • Performance analysis tools
  • Emotional analytics tools
  • Advanced graphs & charts
  • Backtesting environment & Futures Simulator
  • Track all your investments (stocks, CFDs, forex, futures, and crypto)
  • Available on Android and iOS devices


  • No free trial
  • Only one plan is available
  • Limited compatibility with online brokerages

Track All Your Investments In One Place

With Edgewonk, you can create multiple journals and keep track of all your assets from the Edgewonk Dashboard. Edgewonk supports all the major asset classes, including:

  • Stocks
  • CFDs
  • Forex majors & minors
  • Futures
  • Crypto

Edgewonk supports all global stock markets, Forex Majors, Minors, exotic pairs, and all cryptocurrencies and ranks highly alongside some of the best trading journals.

Synchronize With 23+ Of The Largest Online Brokers

Edgewonk makes it very easy to import your trading data from 23+ of the largest online brokerages, and they’re continually expanding their support. Some of the brokers supported right now include:

  • Interactive Brokers
  • MetaTrader 4 & 5
  • Ninja Trader 7 & 8
  • Ameritrade
  • TradeStation
  • WeBull
  • IG Forex

If your online broker is not listed, don’t worry. You can import your information manually or using a CSV file, downloadable directly from your brokerage.

Choose From 13+ Customizable Graphs

With Edgewonk, you can access dozens of customizable charts and graphs and compare your investments. This is particularly useful if you’re looking to digest a lot of information at a glance while gaining valuable insights into your trading. Here are some of the most popular graphs:

  • Equity graph
  • Winrate over time
  • Trade management
  • Profit Calendar

Improve Your Discipline With Emotional Analytics

One of the quickest ways to improve your trading is to improve your trading mindset and discipline. Edgewonk offers three key features to help you narrow down subconscious biases affecting your trading.

With the Tiltmeter, you can get notified whenever you break one of your self-imposed rules; these rules may include trading hours, daily profits/losses, and more. After you get notified, you can adjust your trading accordingly. With the Discipline-Efficiency graph, you can spot the objective trading mistakes you’ve made and find out exactly how to improve.

Futures Simulator & Backtesting Environment

For advanced investors and traders, Edgewonk offers a backtesting environment where you can safely test your strategies using historical data without risking any funds. For futures traders, Edgewonk offers a futures simulator, which can give you an edge over other platforms in the market and can be used to project and simulate different scenarios to estimate potential profits.

Access Performance Analytics And Advanced Charting Tools

Edgewonk offers dozens of tools for experienced investors, all accessible from the Edgewonk dashboard. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Equity graphs
  • Weekly performance
  • Instrument performance
  • Winrate over time
  • Missed trade analysis

If you use any brokerage compatible with Edgewonk, all your trades will be automatically imported and integrated into your charts. You can also filter your trades using dozens of metrics, compare graphs side by side, and sort by trading sessions, timeframes, and more.

We go deeper into all the advanced charting tools in our full Edgewonk trading journal review.

Easily Review All Your Trading Sessions

With Edgewonk, you can review all your trading sessions – daily, weekly, or monthly – and find your best trading days or trading times and your most successful strategies – at a glance. You can set up Milestone Challenges to improve key aspects of your trading, and you can track all your improvements from the calendar graph.

Edgewonk Pricing

  • Annual Subscription: $169/year

Sign-Up Process

Edgewonk is available for investors worldwide, and there are no special requirements to get started. The Edgewonk app is available on desktop, Android, and iOS devices. Here’s how to get started:

  • Visit Edgewonk’s website
  • Scroll down and click Get Started Now
  • Fill in your email address

Sign up for Edgewonk using our link, and you’ll get a discount on the annual plan, plus the option to join Edgewonk’s very generous affiliate program – you can earn up to 30% of whatever your referees make.

Edgewonk Trustpilot Reviews

Edgewonk has great reviews from its users, and it holds an average rating of 4.0 on Trustpilot. Here’s what some of those users have to say about Edgewonk:

1.“ Edgewonk provides an outstanding trade review tool. You can customize it to be as simple or complex as it suits your trading style. Trading without an efficient review tool means you aren’t leveraging your full potential. On the odd occasion I have had to contact them, the staff have been helpful, efficient, and attentive. Edgewonk represents good value for its modest investment..” – Steve H.

2. “This journal program is fantastic. It’s much more than logging your trades. You get control over the mental aspects too. The best part is that they are listening to you. I had a suggestion for improvement, and they are implementing it now—a fantastic program..” – Lars H.

3. “A year ago there were some things that needed improvement, and they have resolved them. Edgewonk is now better than ever, and they are not stopping. It has a bit of a learning curve as there are a lot of functions, but once you understand it, it’s great..” – Marcus G.

Final Thoughts

Edgewonk is an online trading journal for stocks, CFDs, forex, crypto, and commodity trading. Emotional & Performance analytics can be particularly helpful for beginners looking to take their investing to the next level. Intermediate and experienced traders can take advantage of the futures simulator & the backtesting environment to polish new strategies. For those reasons, we recommend Edgewonk as one of the best journals out there for beginners and experienced investors alike.

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