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Eco-Minded Millennial Entrepreneurship: Green Startup Ideas to Consider

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Millennials are famous for their activism when it comes to preserving the environment, stopping pollution, and focusing on the more eco-friendly and green solutions in our everyday lives. A lot of millennials who wish to try their luck at entrepreneurship decide to make their businesses green right from the very beginning.

But what exactly is a green business? Simply put, it’s a sustainable company with the aim of having a positive impact on the environment and the community. Such companies often engage in eco-friendly practices, such as recycling, the use of renewable energy, and improving their energy efficiency. 

What’s more, modern consumers are also big on this trend and 66% of them would gladly pay more for a sustainable product. In other words, green businesses are highly sought-after in today’s market. With that in mind, here are a few green startup ideas for millennials with an eco-friendly mindset.

Green transportation business


Nowadays, people are not just more environmentally aware but they are also more concerned about their overall health. By combining these two trends together, you can start an eco-friendly transportation business, such as a rent-a-bike startup.

With very few requirements for initial capital as well as low operational costs, this business idea is not only effective but also profitable in the long run.

Aside from renting out bicycles, you can also organize tours for tourists in order to boost some engagement and visibility for your business. It’s safe to say that if people used bikes more than public transport, we’d be in much less trouble with pollution and global warming.

An eco-friendly consultant

Today, a lot of people want to be more eco-friendly and energy-efficient but again, very few people actually understand how to achieve that properly. Providing valuable advice to such people can be an amazing business idea.

You can work with both businesses and individual households in order to help them achieve energy efficiency and become greener.

As an example, you can use an efficient data logger to show people where their energy is wasted the most, as well as help them find an ideal solution for their problems. In this day and age, an eco-friendly consultant may as well be just the type of profession everyone needs.

Eco-friendly garden planner


Another thing people today are concerned with is what they eat on an everyday basis. We often hear about dangerous pesticides, herbicides, and genetic modifications used to process our food. People are, therefore, turning towards organic food once again. You can also check interesting gardening tips including the best chainsaw to buy.

What’s more, they distrust suppliers and distributors to the point where they want to grow their own food in their own backyards. This is where your green startup idea as an eco-friendly garden planer comes into play. 

As a professional advisor, you can help people create sustainable gardens where they can not only grow food but also ensure that the landscape us aesthetically pleasing, as well as good for the environment. A good example would be planting flowers that are suitable for bees and other insects that contribute to the preservation of our environment.

Environmental blogger

Blogging is big these days, to say the least. Many people who took up blogging as a favorite pastime soon realized they could easily capitalize on their endeavor. If there’s a way to capitalize on a green startup idea, environmental blogging is certainly the way to go. 

The fact of the matter is that the word needs to be spread. Educating and informing people about the dangers of global warming and pollution, as well as what they can do to help with the situation, is probably the only way we’re ever going to get through this. 

If we wait for capitalist corporations to sacrifice profits for the sake of the environment, we’ll most likely die out before that ever happens. As a means of earning income from this startup idea, you’ll find that affiliate marketing, membership programs, advertisement, and sponsorship, as well as other means, can be a good source of income.

Organic food supplier

As mentioned before, people are now more focused on how organic the food they consume actually is. Also, as mistrustful as consumers can be towards suppliers, not all of them are as suspicious as others. That being said, starting your own organic food business can be a great green idea for your startup. 

You can grow your own fruits and vegetables in an organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable way. What’s more, you can distribute your products to local supermarkets or even individual households. With a bit of creative marketing, you can convince even the wariest of consumers that your products are actually what you claim them to be. 

Green businesses were considered a thing of the future, but they’re slowly becoming a thing of the present. More and more millennial entrepreneurs who are eco-minded are focusing their efforts on green businesses that will not only contribute to the well-being of the environment but also have a major positive impact on the community and society in general. 

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