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E8 Funding Review

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E8 Funding is revolutionizing the trading industry by providing funded trading accounts to Forex and CFD traders worldwide. With an intuitive experience and state-of-the-art technology, E8 Funding offers access to top-tier liquidity, establishing itself as a leading proprietary trading firm.

Traders can withdraw profits while boosting their account balance and a maximum drawdown of up to 14%. This flexible and transparent system allows traders to effectively manage capital and pursue their dreams of becoming funded traders.

E8 Funding’s mission is to support talented traders in achieving their full potential. Their evaluation process is based purely on trading skills and risk management abilities. Applicants of all backgrounds have an equal chance to prove themselves and access life-changing opportunities.

A profit split of 80/20 in the trader’s favor allows aspiring professionals to earn a full-time income through trading. For traders looking to join E8 Funding, here is a comprehensive E8 Funding review.

How Does E8 Funding Work?

So how exactly does E8 Funding work? It provides Forex and CFD traders funding through a two-stage process: evaluation and funding.

Stage 1 – Evaluation

In phase 1 (Kickoff Evaluation), traders show they can trade and manage risk. You’ll get a profit target and 30 days to reach it while staying within drawdown limits. Make a profit but miss the target? No worries, you’ll get another free shot.

Stage 2 – Becoming an E8 Funded Trader

Once you’ve proven yourself in Stage 1, you’re ready for the big leagues—becoming an official E8 Funded Trader.

If you ace the evaluation in Stage 2, you can access real money in E8 Funding’s live trading account. No set profit target means you have flexibility, but stick to the drawdown rules to avoid big losses. Be extra careful trading around news releases.

What Are The Different E8 Funding Account Types?

The E8 Funding account you can access depends on how much funding you need. They offer three types:

E8 Account

The E8 account requires an initial $228 evaluation fee for a $25,000 account. Pass that, and Phase 2 is free. Qualify, and you’ll keep 80% of your profits. For $25,000, you can lose $1,250/day and $2,000 total—$3,500 once funded.

E8 Track

The E8 Track ups the ante on the standard E8 Funding account. Here you go through three evaluation phases. Other features are similar to the E8 Account, but you have an extra phase with a $1,250 profit target and 60 maximum trading days for a $25,000 account, and of course, the price is different from that of the E8 account.

ELEV8 Account

The ELEV8 account offers the potential for huge gains if you’re willing to take the risk. For $888, you get a shot at a $100,000 starting fund. In Phase 1, you need to profit $8,000. If you hit that target, you move on to Phase 2 and aim for $5,000 more.

What is The E8 Funding Evaluation Process?

What is the e8 funding evaluation process financial instruments

To access your E8 funding, you’ll go through an evaluation first. This process determines if you can trade responsibly.

To qualify for E8 funding, you’ll need to demonstrate progress in two phases. In Phase 1, show you’ve completed product design and testing. Reach $100K in revenue or funding and ten active customers.

Phase 2 requires $1M in revenue or funding and 50 active customers. Achieve positive unit economics and strong product-market fit. The E8 Track program has a third phase, needing $10M in revenue or funding, 500 customers, and a clear path to scale.

Phase 1 Objectives for Regular Accounts

To meet the Phase 1 objectives for your regular E8 Funding account, you’ll need to: Focus on making an 8% profit in your first 30 days of trading while limiting losses. You can only lose up to 5% of your account balance daily and no more than 8% total from when you started. Trade for at least one day, but no more than 30 days to complete these targets.

Phase 1 Objectives for Extended Account

To qualify for Phase 1 of the E8 funding program, you need to meet some basic objectives within the first 60 days of opening your account.

  • You can’t lose more than 10% of your starting account balance. Play it safe by using stop losses and sticking to your trading plan.
  • Make at least five trades in 5 separate trading days. Don’t worry about timing the market perfectly. Just get experience executing different types of trades.
  • Keep good records of your trades and review what worked and didn’t work. Learn from your mistakes and build on your successes. Constant improvement is key.

Meeting these initial objectives will allow you to move on to the more advanced funding phases to access higher capital levels. Take it slow, focus on consistency, and keep your risk in check. You’ve got this!

Phase 2 Objectives

Phase 2 has the same objectives as Phase 1 but with a lower % profit target of 5% for Regular and Extended accounts. Once you achieve both phases, choose between E8 Funding accounts of $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, or $250,000 in US dollars, euros, or British pounds.

What is The E8 Funding Product Selection?

E8 Funding offers a wide range of financial instruments to suit any trader. Whether you prefer forex, stocks, commodities, or cryptocurrencies, E8 has you covered.

For forex traders, E8 provides many major and exotic currency pairs. Stock traders will find popular names from leading US and European exchanges. Commodity traders can speculate on gold, oil, and even the VIX. And crypto enthusiasts have a growing selection of digital coins for trading.

How Does The E8 Funding Profit Split Work?

The profit split with E8 Funding is straightforward but generous. As an E8 Funding trader, you’ll receive 80% of the profits from your trading. The remaining 20% goes to E8 Funding to help cover their operating costs.

This 80/20 split is very trader-friendly. Most prop firms offer traders a smaller cut, usually between 40% to 70% of profits. E8 Funding’s profit share incentivizes traders to maximize their earnings. The more money you make, the bigger your share.

E8 Funding Pros and Cons Based on Online Reviews

There is no doubt that E8 Funding is the place to be for any prop trader. Based on the available reviews, those looking to join can easily weigh the firm’s pros and cons. Here are E8 Funding’s pros and cons based on online E8 Funding reviews.


  • Access to higher trading capital, providing more opportunities in the market.
  • High leverage and Tier 1 liquidity, enhancing trading capabilities.
  • MT4/MT5 support, enabling compatibility with popular trading platforms.
  • Free trial evaluation, allowing traders to assess the program before committing.
  • Fast account processing, reducing waiting times, and enabling a quick start.
  • Automated payout system, ensuring efficient and timely fund transfers.
  • Funded account balance up to $1,000,000, offering significant trading potential.
  • Up to 80% profit share, providing traders with attractive profit-sharing arrangements.
  • A full refund of evaluation fees for traders who qualify.
  • There are no minimum trading days on the regular account type, offering flexibility in the trading approach.
  • Well-structured, fast, and responsive dashboard, facilitating ease of use.


  • Must meet qualifications to be funded, which may be challenging for some traders.
  • Must pay money upfront for the audition, involving a financial commitment from traders.
  • Support is unavailable 24/7, potentially leading to delays in resolving issues or queries.

E8 Funding Overview, Is it Worth it?

So, is E8 Funding worth your time? If you’re looking to become a prop trader, E8 Funding should be on your radar. E8 Funding offers traders a lot of flexibility. No minimum trading days are required, and you can receive up to 80% of your trading profits. This incredibly generous profit-sharing model allows traders to keep more of what they earn.

E8 Funding provides traders access to high trading capital to take on bigger positions and potentially generate higher returns. For new traders, this means more opportunities to scale up your account as you become more successful.

If you want to become a professional trader, E8 Funding should be at the top of your list of firms to consider. They have everything a prop trader needs to find success in today’s markets. Click here to check them out and start your journey as a trader today!

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