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Dota 2 Dawnbreaker: Tips and Tricks for Every Player

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Dawnbreaker is a new durable melee and Carry Hero in the 7.29 patch of Dota 2. Due to her unique abilities and movement, many Dota 2 players pick this Hero for their games. She can dominate her lane and challenge the enemy team’s Hero with superior sustainability and base stats. In other words, she is a Strength Hero.

If you’re a new player or want to boost your rank with Dawnbreakers, then the tips and tricks below are for you. Meanwhile, if you want to enhance your performance when playing with any hero on Dota 2, we’ve got some solid hacks for Dota 2 handpicked for you.

Dawnbreaker Tips and Tricks for Every Player

1. Understand her Abilities

The main thing every player should do when picking Hero Dawnbreaker or other heroes in Dota 2 is to understand their abilities. Some of the abilities of this Dota 2 hero you need to know include Starbreaker, Celestial Hammer, Luminosity, Converge, and Solar Guardian. By understanding Dawnbreaker’s abilities, you are learning how each one works.

That way, you can know the right time to use your abilities in the game. For instance, if your Hero’s allies are low on health, and there are enemies around, simply initiate the Solar Guardian. This will heal the allies for about 570 health and cause huge damage to enemies.

Note: some abilities cannot be used while another one is active.

2. Take the fight to the enemies

Dawnbreaker is known for her powerful ability to conquer any opponent that stands in her way. Instead of letting enemies push towards your area, take the fight to them. You can pull off this trick to launch unexpected attacks on enemies.

Not only will it help you get rid of as many enemies as possible, but it’ll also help your team to make coordinated pushes. This ideal trick goes a long way in winning fights in Dota 2.

Take the fight to the enemies dawnbreaker

3. Use abilities in the right situation

Without a doubt, Dawnbreaker’s abilities can come in handy in any situation. However, some situations will need a particular ability to survive or conquer. For instance, the Starbreaker ability works well in scenarios where you’re stuck with more than one aggressive enemy.

You can slam her hammer to damage enemies after choosing the area to strike. When you successfully cast the Starbreaker, you get three Luminosity charges. You can use the Luminosity ability to heal allies.

But no matter how you choose to play, find the ability that works well with your current situation in the game.

4. Equip Sustainability Items

No matter the phase you’re playing, it’s important to equip yourself with sustainability items in the early game. Items like Faerie Fires, Enchanted Mangoes, and Tangos are ideal because it allows you to pressure enemy heroes.

When the Faerie Fires are consumed, it gives Dawnbreaker speedy healing to help her live longer in fights. The tangos provide your Hero with extra HP Regen. It also helps your Hero to live longer in the lane.

With these sustainability items, you can always restore your Hero’s health whenever it depletes.

5. Pick Support Heroes

When playing Dawnbreakers, it’s important to pick support heroes. Pick great lane partners that can provide lockdown or kill threats from range. It’ll allow Dawnbreaker to easily obtain a one-two combo with her Starbreaker and Celestial Hammer abilities.

When picking support heroes, consider Rubick, Snapfire, and Crystal Maiden. There are others you can pick, but these three will work well with your Hero. You can even experiment with them to find which one suits your playstyle.


Dawnbreaker is a perfect hero when looking for an offlaner, tanky carry, or support, thanks to her global abilities. Moreover, her flexibility lets her fit into different roles and still provides you with stunning skills.

When playing Dawnbreaker, it’s important to understand her abilities, take the fight to the enemies, use abilities that match her current situation, and equip sustainability items. Also, pick support heroes to help your Hero unleash her potential.

There are thousands of tips and tricks you can try while playing Dawnbreaker on Dota 2. But these tips above will help you get the most out of your Hero and still have the best gaming experience on Dota 2.

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