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Documents to Show Your Lawyer After a Car Accident

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According to the Association for Safe Travel, at least 4.4 million people sustain serious injuries from car accidents annually. Such accidents cause loss or damages to property, and the physical and emotional injuries sustained are very costly to deal with.

To be able to get some compensation to help with medical bills, loss of jobs, or property, many car accident victims or their family members hire car accident attorneys from Cariati Law to help with the claims. A car accident professional lawyer will help you deal with car accident injuries to file your claims.

When meeting your personal injury lawyer, here are some of the documents that you should bring with you.

Police Reports

After an accident, one of the first to arrive at the scene is the police. When they get there, they record witness statements, record the complainant’s statements, and take details of the accident scene, including pictures.

The police are responsible for issuing a preliminary view of the cause of the accident and, in the end, help determine the at-fault driver. Your Charlotte car accident lawyer will need the police reports and records because they are an accurate record from a trusted authority on the accident’s findings. 

Personal Reports

It would help if you also wrote down all that you can remember about the accident, arrange it into a timeline and present it to your lawyer. Writing them down will help you not forget any detail in case you have to go to court. 

If you exchanged information with the other driver, let your lawyer have that information, too. Also, include all relevant pictures and videos that you have.

Medical Records

Car accident medical reports

These are some of the most important documents that you should have with you. Your medical records will help prove your injury and also give you a starting point for the statute of limitations. Have a detailed medical report that includes your medications and the procedures you underwent due to the accident. Have photos of the injuries with timestamps, and present all of them to your lawyer.

Insurance Information

One of the first things people do after a car accident is to exchange insurance information. Several laws govern car insurance policies. These laws and policies vary according to the various states. However, it is illegal to drive without valid insurance, and such information is very important during car accident claims. 

You will need to prove that you have paid the car insurance premium. Give your lawyers copies of checks that you have sent to the insurance company or a bank statement with your last payment date if you used a credit card. 

Payroll and Financial Records

To prove that you had a job and suffered some pay loss, you will need to have your payroll records with you. Show the lawyer recent tax returns, paychecks, and any other financial documents that can help prove that you did not get any pay while nursing your injuries. The records will also help prove that you missed work, your business suffered some loss, or you might not be able to resume your regular duties again. 

Citations and Fines

There are cases where a driver is fined if they were driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance like alcohol or drugs, distracted, speeding, or driving unsafely at the time of the accident. Fines and citations can be used against you. Your lawyer should have a record of any fine or citation so that they can review it and know the best way to argue your case.

Documents Help with Your Compensation

Having the right documents is very important when it comes to car accident compensation. When you show your lawyer these documents, you will help them prepare the best approach to your claim, and they will also help you better understand your case. 

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