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Disrupting how America does Business through AI

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After identifying the absence of quality leads available to all businesses, Data Lake Shore launched its solutions powered by artificial intelligence. This scarcity of quality leads has been reported by 76% of companies! Upending this outdated trend, the company seeks to innovate lead generation and distribution through its employment of AI.

Founded by Damon Wilder Carr in January 2022, the company was rooted in a passion for data science. Damon Wilder Carr is a software industry veteran with many patents to his name and prospering start-ups to his credit. He served as a leader in the technical innovation and data science divisions of PIMCO, the world’s leading asset management company. Ten years in this role gave him the expertise in Data Science to create a project like ‘Data Lake Shore.’

Naturally, such a gigantic venture cannot be executed and operated by a single individual. But Damon Wilder Carr has the advisory expertise of Giles Nugent to make things possible and better. Giles Nugent also worked at PIMCO before his retirement as an EVP. Presently, he dedicates himself to his start-up and his other philanthropic endeavors.

As mentioned above, the company was founded in January of 2022. Damon Wilder Carr had earlier decided to retire. But the lure of data science was too great! So, drawing upon his immense knowledge of data science and combining it with his entrepreneurial expertise, he founded the company, changing the digital landscape.

These and other productive habits have allowed Damon Wilder Carr to overcome the many problems and challenges that such a vast venture presented.

Damon carr founder of data lake shore ai

Damon Wilder Carr began his career when, in 1995, he moved to New York City and started consulting on Wall Street. After his time there, he went on to join Citicorp, a private bank based in London.

This job allowed him to travel far and wide, providing further exposure to enhance his skills and knowledge. His work entailed developing software to support the business. Building upon the experience gained in this capacity, he launched his first start-up, Moneatire, a large-scale growth start-up.

This venture quickly gained momentum as it attracted about a hundred employees in a few months. Soon, there were 90 direct reports available to the founder. This stellar success was fuelled by Kent Beck and ‘Extreme Programming.’ Deciding to move on, Damon Carr sold the company in 2004 and started an Agile consulting firm called ‘AgileFactor.’ This firm was based in New York City.

This was a much smaller operation, but it reaped great benefits! Thanks to this venture, the top financial firms in New York City were introduced to leading software engineering and all that it had to offer. It was during this time that problems and gaps were recognized. After starting at PIMCO in 2010, Damon Carr remained there until 2021, when he felt that he was ready to launch a company that solved the problems he had identified over the years.

Business through ai

The feedback from the company’s customers has been stellar! Every month, the company adds leads consisting of high-net-worth individuals to their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

This way, customers get hundreds, even thousands, of leads every month! To take things to the next level, the customers can define parameters like minimum net worth, specific interests, and family behaviors to decide what kind of leads they want to gain.

The company’s clients primarily consist of real estate agents selling houses worth more than a million dollars. Other customers include private banks, boutique investment companies, and luxury providers such as fractional jet ownership, yachts, luxury cars, and more.

The company has seen success in its brave venture. They build models that employ Artificial Intelligence to improve lead quality with time. The trick is to better grasp the factors that convert leads into customers. So, customer and public cooperation can produce much better results! Active feedback can allow the company to filter out the ‘low probability of conversion’ records. This cooperation would mean that customers get better leads with a high likelihood of becoming customers. This will allow customer businesses to expend more significant efforts on other business aspects.

Message to your customers and viewers:

We’ve proven this works. There is a better way to gain leads that makes the cost irrelevant, as in many cases, all it takes is one or two clicks to pay for the entire subscription that month.

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