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David Marom The Horizon Group Emphasizes Company Values

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An often overlooked part of any business is the values that the company sticks to. How much do values define a company? Are they really that important? Enough people have a growing interest in a company’s core values and will research the company before choosing to do business with them.

Why are Values in a Company Important?

Look at any successful business or organization, and they all have strong values. Not only does it help with the bottom line, but having strong values improves the public perception of everyone linked to the company name as well.

If everyone’s on board with a company’s values from the beginning, teams will find it easier to make decisions. Employees already know where the company stands, so they will know how to respond in different situations. This also reduces the chances of employees doing something that could negatively impact the company since they know the core values.

Having values also helps improve motivation for everyone that makes up the team. There’s a higher level of engagement as everyone knows what is expected of them. Confidence and security also stand out when clearly stating values.

A business with a core set of values will find it much easier to pass the same values along to customers. Developing a strong base of customers who notice core values can help businesses grow organically. David Marom and The Horizon Group have worked on a lot of projects in large part due to their good standing in the local area. David Marom and The Horizon Group would have been held back from a company standpoint without the high values that they have shown.

Values Away From Work

It’s not enough for a company to only have great values. They also need to take part in improving the community they are a part of. It shows the general public that a for-profit business also strives to improve the community they now call home.

When done the right way, values outside the office can make as much of a difference as volunteer work and helping out in the community. A lot of companies opt to work with a specific demographic that gets overlooked in the local area. Helping out those most in need can build up a company’s reputation as well. It needs to come from the right place, as hollow volunteer work can harm businesses since it’s viewed as a public relations stunt.

The Values of The Horizon Group and David Marom

Real estate developers play a big role in shaping a community. As an additional way to show commitment, David Marom and The Horizon Group remain active in the Bushwick, Brooklyn community. David Marom is always looking for ways to empower the local community.

Pawsability Dog Club is one of the non-profit organizations that David Marom and The Horizon Group work with. Pawsability is a non-profit dog daycare that’s locally operated in Bushwick. Their unique aspect is that they provide job training and employment opportunities for autistic adults looking for a career in pet care. With the help of The Horizon Group, Pawsability is working to bridge the gap in employment access for autistic adults.

Depending on business needs, some are able to work at Pawsability, while others build off of what they learn and gain the confidence they need to apply to other opportunities. It provides a platform for adults overlooked in the past to show what they’re capable of.

David Marom and The Horizon Group also work closely with The Unifying Line. A non-profit based in Israel, they help celebrate individuals with disabilities and terminal illnesses as they manage the physical and mental toll it takes on them daily.

With The Unifying Line, it’s not as much about medical care as it is about bringing a smile to a person’s face. The Unifying Line provides participants with unique experiences, including parties, summer camps, and trips abroad.

Can Any Business Create Values of Their Own?

Can any business create values of their own

Ideally, a business should have some values in place at launch. Even if they weren’t formally written down, these values might already exist. Taking extra time to create and share values with the rest of the team can have an immediate impact.

Values might take a little bit of time to get used to, but the pros outweigh the cons. Business owners can find it very tough to overcome a lack of values from an employee retention perspective, all the way to public perception. It’s something any business owner should take the time to look into.

Not sure where to start? Some of the most recognizable companies in the world outline their core values on their website and through interviews. For example, some of Google’s company values include “Fast is Better Than Slow,” “Great Just Isn’t Good Enough,” and “Focus on the User, and All Else Will follow.” As basic and rudimentary as they might seem on the surface, it’s helped them grow into one of the biggest business names in the world.

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