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Custom Iot Development Services

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Introduced just a decade ago, the Internet of Things is rapidly taking over all areas of our daily lives. Today it is difficult to imagine the lights of a big city being controlled by simple switches from the control room or large shopping malls with self-service halls where shoppers are on their own. Our company specializes in innovative developments and custom IoT development services, providing each customer with only an individual approach to solving his problem of asset management or business processes and cost of IoT app.

What examples of the Internet of Things surround us in everyday life?

Not every customer who contacts our company to simplify life or optimize business management understands exactly what the Internet of Things is, and how this mysterious technology works. Despite the individual approach of the developers of our company to each customer, we present below the most common in recent years’ typical solutions in the field of automation of various domestic or industrial processes:

  • “Smart City” system. Urbanization around the world is growing at a tremendous pace, energy consumption is colossal, and the service equipment responsible for the comfort of the population is no longer amenable to human control. To avoid mistakes, modern urban lighting masts are equipped with light sensors or timers, as well as a remote access function. Public transport or special equipment is equipped with special active GPS tags that allow not only to determine the location but also to diagnose any problems or emergencies.
  • “Smart Home”, which is one of the very first and accessible to the population of innovative technologies based on IoT. The owner of an apartment or a private residential building gets access to the heating system, water supply, or electricity supply of his exploited space. He, too, can easily view what is happening in his apartment through high-resolution IP cameras, open or close windows, and, if necessary, block doors.
  • Organization of office space – technology for tracking the activities of employees, checking the occupancy and scheduling the employment of meeting rooms, automatic backup of important data on the server, and many other options that are vital for every business process.

What examples of the internet of things surround us in everyday life

  • Automation and control of industrial production – planned or emergency acceleration or stop of conveyors, tracking and accounting of the remaining raw materials in the warehouse, management of loading from the warehouse of finished products, detection of defects, malfunctions, or breakdowns of machines.
  • Ensuring control over the rental of environmentally friendly vehicles on the streets of megacities, which is rapidly gaining popularity around the world in recent years. Now every resident of the city can use the mobile application, rent a public bicycle, pay for rental services with a card, and, upon completion of use, return the thing to any place specially designed for this.

The intellectual developments listed above with the device of automated control modules are only a small part of what the specialists of our company are engaged in. We will be able to offer each client exactly the solution to his problem, which he could only dream of before. According to statistics, the introduction of management technology using the Internet of Things greatly increases the security of doing business, and also helps to increase profits by two or more times.

The principles of our work with each customer who applied to our company

Each client who contacts our company both to upgrade an existing software and to develop and implement new program code based on the Internet of Things technology receives a full range of analytical services from our company. We draw up a detailed technical task, based on our many years of experience and, of course, the wishes of the client, after which we brainstorm the entire team of programmers, designers, and other highly qualified specialists and give the customer the result, according to the following work plan:

1. Diagnostics of existing software, analysis of the already integrated technology of the Internet of Things (provided that the customer already uses such developments):

  • Complete analysis of the program code with the identification of errors and inaccuracies.
  • Drawing up a preliminary architecture of the program code.
  • Determination of scalability.
  • Development of basic algorithms for receiving and returning information.
  • Calculation of the number of gateways, groups of sensors, and the number of assets on the balance sheet of the customer, taking into account the prediction of their scalability.
  • Presentation of the decisions taken and the modernization plan to the customer, agreement on the final scope of work, and the amount of investment.

2. Integration of existing software into a new system based on the technology of the Internet of Things:

  • Development of applications for downloading software on mobile devices – phones or tablets.
  • Creation of cloud storage with the necessary volume of clusters to fill them with personal data of new users participating in the customer’s business.
  • Database structuring.
  • Coordination of the joint work of addressable sensors, scanners, or cameras installed on active physical objects around the city, at home, in transport, in an office, at a factory, or in other places.
  • Providing feedback through gateways with active sensors controlled by the user.
  • Creation of an interface convenient for managing assets or business processes with animation effects, graphic 3D pictures, or other options, as agreed with the customer.

3. Development of the main algorithm for the normal operation of the IV for the needs of the customer:

Development of the main algorithm for the normal operation of the iv for the needs of the customer iot development services

  • Creation of architecture, taking into account the predicted scaling of the system.
  • Development of a complete algorithm and program code to ensure control over the execution of each command by converting the signal received by the software from the sensor after submitting an address request.
  • Installation of sensors, scanners, IP cameras, and other reading devices from which it is necessary to ensure the receipt and processing of information.
  • The most important task is the creation of wireless motes between the reader and sensors installed on each physical asset of the future user, to be able to manage business processes.
  • Creation of remote access points for each sensor to convert information into a set of commands.
  • Loading of created program codes in applications, checking the operability of the entire system for prompt response to each command.

4. Development, integration, and customization of the user interface for managing business processes using the technology of the Internet of things:

  • Creation and registration of necessary mobile applications, including those with the ability to download via Google Play or the AppStore.
  • Setting up a normal remote transmission of a clear signal, without the occurrence of failures during the reading of information with sensors installed on each active device on the balance sheet of the business owner.
  • If necessary, the convergence of signals to a single head computer located in the office of the IT specialist of the company, in the security room, or in the control room.
  • Customization of the software interface to the needs of users.
  • Activation of the administrator account, transfer of rights to manage the system, or a system key, through the server equipment of an office, industrial enterprise, or city services.

5. Providing the customer with additional service:

  • Installation of software to activate free clusters to scale the system.
  • Download free database cells for new users and business clients.
  • Registration of new users in the system.
  • Training of personnel in the use of the software.
  • Conducting training, and refresher courses.
  • Organization of warranty repair, service maintenance, or system upgrade.
  • Providing customer service support online, at the request of the customer, subject to the conclusion of a separate contract.
  • Provision of other customized services for the customer.

Each item of work of our specialists is fixed in the calendar schedule to the contract. The customer gets a complete picture of what his application will look like, as the designer sends him several sketches in advance. When creating a new intellectual product, we provide the customer with a questionnaire to identify his needs, as well as to understand what kind of work algorithm he is used to.

What are the benefits of using IoT technology?

  • Random program code eliminates the quick hacking of the system by intruders.
  • The business owner can guarantee his customers complete security.
  • Full control of overall business processes.
  • Ensuring asset management at every stage, at any time of the day or night, and also from anywhere in the world.
  • Management or control can be done from conventional mobile devices by entering identification data in the desired application.
  • As a rule, only professionals of the highest level are engaged in the creation and integration of such software, which excludes defects, inaccuracies during work, as well as the risk of hacking or cyberattacks.
  • The highest level of maintainability – each cluster of a decentralized system can be repaired without shutting down or rebooting all software.
  • Today’s mobile devices provide easy-to-use software with animations, visualizations, and a simple selection of options on the touch screen. If necessary, our developers can also install the sound or loudspeaker function.

Why is it necessary to contact our company for the implementation of IoT technology?

  • A thorough study of the customer’s field of activity.
  • Development of sketches of the future product.
  • Brainstorming with the participation of all specialists before starting work.
  • Horizontal management, allows you to collect all ideas together.
  • Years of experience.
  • Offer to the customer only working schemes of business asset management.
  • Use of previously developed and proven technologies.
  • Post-sales support.
  • High-quality work and low prices.
  • Using only advanced algorithms and software codes.

Our company has been operating in the market of IT technologies based on IoT for many years. During this time, hundreds of satisfied customers – individuals and representatives of large businesses – have become clients of our organization. All customers appreciate our high professionalism, friendly team, and excellent quality of work, as well as an individual approach to customers. We provide a guarantee for all types of work, and we also have our online training center, where we are ready to conduct a detailed briefing for your staff.

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