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Creating a Technology Services Business on a Budget

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If you are a recent college graduate you know that it’s a particularly tough time to be starting out in the world. When you were attending university, you dreamed of graduating and having a whole slate of interviews. You hoped to be able to choose just the right job for you and embark on your career path soon after you got your undergraduate degree. From there, you’d have a nice income and would be able to get a great place to live in your new city or town.

With the arrival of the pandemic, though, everything changed. Many employers across countless industries were financially devastated by the closures and lockdowns and the loss of revenues. Instead of meeting with eager employers, new graduates were greeted by a shortage of job openings. Fortunately, it’s still possible to create your own technology services venture even in these times. With hard work, great local marketing and a can-do attitude you’ll be able to bring in revenues and make your way through this troubling time.

Putting Money Aside for Your New Venture

As an entrepreneur you’ll want to make sure that you have at least some funding to get your new business started. It’s a good idea to take a careful look at your monthly finances and see where you can cut expenses. Alongside your own savings, you can find fast and fair loans with Plenti. No matter your business idea, you can loan the money you need to kickstart your business and get the ball rolling. Most new graduates come out of college carrying significant student loan debt, so it’s possible for you to lower your monthly expenditures if you focus there. With student loan refinancing, it allows you to consolidate your existing loans and come out with a single loan with one, easy monthly payment. With today’s interest rates at near historic lows, it’s a great time to see if refinancing would give you a lower rate too. Getting a new low rate would dramatically reduce your monthly payments and would save you lots of money over the life of the loan.

Starting a Web Design Business

Starting a web design business technology services business

With the right skills and hard work, you can launch a web design business without having to invest a lot of upfront capital. First, select WordPress as your web site content management system. Most websites run on WordPress. It’s free and it comes with a whole ecosystem of great no-cost or low-cost plugins that help extend the product functionality. Then select a top-notch WordPress theme company. Themes give your sites a professional-looking style and activate the features that you will need. The theme company will also provide invaluable technical support. Finally, you can take online courses and go through in-depth tutorials on CSS, PHP and JavaScript to build up your programming skills.

Setting Up a Graphic Design Service

If you are artistically inclined you may want to look at setting up a graphic design practice. Graphic designers can help clients design logos, create winning marketing collateral and design images for web sites. You’ll need to understand color and composition and also have great sensibilities related to using images to get a message across to prospective customers. Graphic design professionals typically use expensive technology tools to create their designs. They also have a lot of training. You can start your business by taking online courses and going through tutorials that will teach you both basic and intermediate design. Then, instead of spending all of your money on very pricey, overly feature-rich tools, try out some of the great web-based tools. Many are free and you’ll be able to use them to easily produce professional results.

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