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Creating a Healthier Workplace For Your Employees

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In many office-based industries, the workforce does not have to get up and move about very much. They sit at their desks, not even having to get up to talk to someone or ask a question; digital tools such as email and chat systems cover all of that. In short, it is a very sedentary career.  It even goes for their personal time at work too; many workers take a working lunch to eat something quickly at their desk and then continue working to meet deadlines. With this in mind, what can be done to ensure that you create a healthy office environment that promotes employee well-being? Here are some things to consider.

Hire a cleaning team 

Having a cleaning team come into the office on a regular basis, whether you have an in-house cleaning team or pay an agency to do it has never been so important. The past year has shown us that maintaining strict hygiene levels is essential for keeping your employees safe and healthy. It might be worth looking at how to make the environment more hygienic too; swap out dust-ridden carpets for quality solid wood flooring, for example, and doors that you can push open with your feet or elbow. 

Provide healthy snacks and meal choices

How to create a healthy workplace

If you have a lunchroom or vending machines on-site, make sure you have some healthy foods for employees to choose from. When you have healthy options, you can ensure that they are getting the nutrients they require and that they are eating foods that will provide them with long-term energy to get them through the workday. When all that is available are processed foods and sugary foods, it only provides temporary energy and an even greater energy slump which in turn will lead to a loss in productivity. 

Provide bottles for water

Of course, this does involve an initial layout of cash but branded water bottles which the employees can fill up as and when they like will encourage everyone to drink more water rather than hit the coffee machine or drink soda. It also prevents lots of single-use plastic water bottles from being used and thrown away Do not forget to install a water fountain or a water cooler so they have access to cool resh drinking water whenever they need it.

Set up employee wellbeing groups

At the very least, encourage your employees to leave their desks to eat their lunch. Not only is this more hygienic, but a break away from their computer will refresh them and get them ready for the afternoon. You could look at putting on some voluntary employee wellbeing groups at lunchtimes – perhaps a walking group where you go for a brisk stroll around the local park or block, a yoga group, peer shoulder massages, or even something like a ping pong table or pool table in the break time to encourage them to relax and have some fun before returning to their desk.

By encouraging better physical mental health in your employees, you will have a much happier, healthier, and productive workforce. 

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