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Cracked Phone Screen: How To Fix Your Broken Phone Screen

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Perhaps your expensive smartphone has slipped from your hand and fallen to the ground. It is quite natural to get panicked since it is a sensitive electronic gadget that is prone to damage. What if its phone screen is slightly cracked or requires full repair? A cracked screen will mean you are unable to view the display properly. But it does not mean that you have to buy another phone. If cracks appear, you can take adequate steps to fix them. Research to find viable solutions to fix the cracked screen and protect your investment.

Take data backup

Before repairing the device, first, take a data backup to ensure you have it when needed. During repairs, data loss might occur or irrecoverable damages may occur. Auto backups using iCloud or Google Drive will enable timely backups.

Evaluate damage

The phone’s screen might experience different types of damage. It could be that the entire screen has shattered and the phone does not turn on. It can even be a tiny crack. Evaluate the damage extent that has occurred on your phone’s screen as it will determine the next steps to take. Some gentle prodding and poking will enable you to take appropriate action.

Does your phone screen require full repair?

Does your phone screen require full repair?

Full-screen replacement is suggested for phone screen cracks for better display. It can be done by your manufacturer if it is under warranty period or by some established third-party repairer. Repairing iPhone screens requires you to take the device to the store. Fixing it will take a few hours. However, based on the damage extent, others might take several days.

Are broken screens covered by warranty?

Usually, broken screens are not covered by manufacturers. Hence, screen replacement will require you to pay from your pocket. Compare the rates charged by manufacturers and third-party providers to make a well-judged decision. Besides cost, consider other aspects while making the comparison. Third-party professionals use genuine parts. However, check your phone warranty to ensure the device is covered even after using third-party services. Otherwise, it will become void.

Solving minor damage

Remember, taking proper care of your screen enables it to stay in new condition for a long time. Cracked screens generally appear superficial. However, if moisture and dust enter the phone, it may cause further damage. Cover cracks appearing in the screen immediately to avoid further damage. Install a tempered glass protector to safeguard your screen. It helps cracked screens to stay protected from harsh elements.

Will sticky type help fix your broken screen?

Yes. However, it isn’t a permanent solution. Sticky tapes usually provide relief for some time. However, it will tear and leave behind a sticky residue. It is a better option if no glass pieces come out or you desire to postpone the screen protector.

How to repair moderate screen damage?

Moderate damages may cause difficulty in viewing the screen. If neglected, a cracked phone screen may damage the phone’s touch sensors, thus leaving it unusable. Hence, cover the cracks to prevent moisture and dust from entering the device. A tempered glass protector will protect the device from further damage.

How to repair a screen that experiences significant damage?

If your phone’s screen is damaged significantly, it may perhaps be experiencing other issues from its impact. It could be its hardware and touch sensors that might stop functioning. Professional repairs will be essential. Depending on the damage extent, they will provide back glass or screen replacement.

What happens if the screen experiences major damage?

Major damage to the screen might mean your phone could stop working completely. The device will require professional repair at the earliest, without which you will be unable to use it. Perhaps the hardware could be compromised. Even the battery might require replacement. Perhaps it will experience other problems that might be tough to diagnose without professional assistance. Contact your phone manufacturer’s service center. They will evaluate the extent of the damage caused to the screen and the device. Accordingly, they will provide a quote for repairs. Remember, intensive repairs can be expensive.

Can toothpaste fix minor cracks?

Can toothpaste fix minor cracks

The web is full of remedies to fix broken phone screens. Some claim to use toothpaste to fix scratches appearing on the screens. A slightly abrasive cleaner might fix small cracks. However, professionals do not recommend using foreign substances on the device. Cracks appearing on the screen may leave the phone’s inside vulnerable to moisture and dust, thereby causing more damage. If phone mechanics can get affected by dust, then imagine what will happen if you rub toothpaste!

Other options to consider

1. Take adequate precautions:

Phone damage or screen replacement costs will add up quickly. It will be wise to protect your phone from the time of purchase with a tempered glass protector. Early protection will enable you to save precious money in the future. Tempered glass protects the screen by providing an additional glass layer. Unexpected drops might cause even basic phone cases to cause serious shock absorption. Depending on your history and lifestyle with phones, you can take proper precautions. However, the truth is that accidents do happen, even after protecting the device. Hence, take adequate device protection insurance to cover accidents.

2. Sell off your broken phone:

You may not be happy and satisfied with the screen replacement or with the phone’s functions. Fortunately, you can research the web and come across companies that buy broken phones. You may feel that your seriously shattered phone has become completely useless. However, some companies might get interested in it. They recycle their parts or extract a few precious metals that are used in them.

3. Invest in a tougher device:

Manufacturers understand the pulse of their customers. Hence, they are trying to introduce tougher phones to the market with each passing day. Most have higher drop resistance, thus being a boon for all serial phone droppers. Buy such phones to avoid buying another one for a long time.

Whatever the damage caused to your phone’s screen, take immediate steps to provide a remedy. Otherwise, you may lose sensitive data permanently or your phone might stop functioning.

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