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Coworking connects Entrepreneurs through Shared Office Spaces

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Coworking can now connect entrepreneurs, especially ones dabbling in startups through shared office spaces. This concept has changed the very definition of an efficient working environment. As a result, it has also transformed the face of commercial real estate in the past ten years. While the trend has caught on like fire, with the emergence of more innovation-driven firms it seems to be a possible fixture shortly.

Many experts see the commercial structures market witnessing the participation of more coworkers and co-working spaces. In the light of the recent pandemic, many firms dictated that people work from home. This left behind huge unused office spaces and tons of bills. Startups with coworking spaces faced lesser issues since most of the utilities were shared.

However, with the re-emergence of the office culture which now reflects many changes, the coworking space demand has become consistent with smart work.

The Rise of Co-working Spaces

The popularity of co-working spaces is rising among young entrepreneurs who face the challenge of investing in a budgeted office space. For startups, these collaborative workspaces come with world-class amenities. They are comfortably priced and can save huge investment costs. While there are many advantages, the highlight is perhaps the connect entrepreneurs can make with each other through these shared office spaces.

With the perks of owning a business comes exposure to other innovators and prodigies. A lot more professionals are opting for entrepreneurship over the dull monotony of a 9 to 5 job. The unlimited time, creative freedom, and experimentation that comes with this mantle often attract other similar minds.

The Right Environment

While the commitments are huge and the focus is on getting tasks accomplished, having to share ideas when working with other businesses is often refreshing and beneficial. Coworking spaces provide the right environment to thrive and sustain business values ethics, ideas while maintaining a degree of professionalism. In the city of budding entrepreneurs and startups, you can find many plug-and-play office spaces in Bangalore. This opens up a flood of opportunities for many young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

How Do Co-working Spaces Help You Connect with Other Entrepreneurs?

1. By Striking Up Conversations

Sharing coworking spaces gives you access to many other startups. This means that you often get to share certain facilities or amenities with people from other firms. You casually chat with someone at the water cooler or run to check out the cafeteria for coffee. Who knows? The copier room could also turn out to be a space for innovative thoughts to bloom.

What often starts as a formal conversation can possibly turn into a viable business opportunity. This often results in a friendly and professional relationship among entrepreneurs. You can then partner up and invite or participate in common projects.

2. By Exchanging Work Trade Ideas

With more exposure to other members of the coworking space, you can then exchange ideas on work trade. Ethics dictate that you swap something for someone who gives you anything you need. It is also a professional move that will encourage your contact to spread the word among the others. Obviously, your services and products will get wider recognition and your sales could also peak. Even a simple gesture of exchanging business cards can later catch someone’s eye and lead to some positive results. You could be a content manager casually discussing ideas with a web developer, creating the next big news.

3. By Exchanging Knowledge

How do co-working spaces help you connect with other entrepreneurs coworking

A co-working mentality should be open. This means that you should know how to share and exchange knowledge for future gains. If you give, you will of course receive in good measure. If you could share knowledge of a specific industry you are from, you could expect to receive the same. So if you have been involved in one business all along, this exchange of information could open up more avenues for you.

4. By Using Promotional Materials

A lot of information about you and your company are often present in your coworking area. This could be some simple stationery such as pens, notepads, staplers, etc., or even calendars, clocks, or even post-its with your business name and URL. Leaving them around your table or desk or the break room for free could give your firm some visibility. These are items that people often lose so it is only natural for them to use anything they can get their hands on. This will enable favourable brand recall value.

5. By Conducting Free Workshops

When you meet other interested parties you could discuss workshops, conferences, seminars, or cultural parties. Since a lot of co-working organizations often host events, startups get a chance to interact with other organizations. This guarantees grounds for establishing connections and networking with fellow entrepreneurs. Since coworking spaces are often diversified across industries, it brings networking opportunities to your working space doorstep. This also makes it quite convenient as all you have to do is move from your desk to another floor or a hall.

All you have to do is schedule your work and make a note of these events in advance. The more you frequent these places, the more you will be able to explore diverse opportunities. You can also collaborate on organizing them yourselves. It can be a small workshop relating to the same field by inviting the co-working companies. This elevates the brand promotion aspect too.

6. By Showing Your Passion

While stating that you’re passionate about your job is one thing, actually selling out is another. The basic difference is that when you are selling, you are trying to overcome the customers’ objections or obstacles that prevent them from buying a service or a product. However, being passionate about your work can arouse the curiosity of your contacts. From here on you can build relationships that will immensely benefit you. You might not always make a sale but your contact might recommend you to others when she or he likes you.

7. By Keeping an Open-Door Policy

To build connections employees of the startup should be open and receptive. If you have a warm, welcoming environment, employees of other offices will definitely interact more. Office neighbours can help boost your morale and provide the necessary encouragement. Often the shared working conditions can give rise to a flexible environment. Working in a common area can also be of immense relief if your work does not necessarily require too much concentration.

8. By Sharing Past Experiences

Coworking also gives you a chance to share previous work experiences. While this becomes common grounds for discussion, it also enhances your shared experiences. It also gives the neighbour offices a sense of attachment. In this way, you can contribute to each other’s business plan, marketing goals, or investment-raising efforts.

So there you go. Many successful people will tell you that sharing a coworking space increases networking which is one of the most useful means to gain knowledge and let others know about your business. Coworking spaces in Bangalore do just that. So if you are an entrepreneur in the IT hub of India, it’s best to opt for furnished office spaces on rent or shared office spaces. After all, here’s where you will connect with smart minds, explore opportunities and expand upon your ideas.

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