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Cloud Computing Is Booming, But These Are The Obstacles That Need More Attention

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Companies these days spend more money on servers that require physical space and other infrastructure facilities. Moreover, it will take months to install a server and require proper maintenance, which results in additional costs. As a result, organizations focus more on the adoption of cloud systems to reduce their overall expenses. Cloud computing enables a company to pay only for the services it uses and helps manage resources with ease. However, enterprises have to face some obstacles while utilizing cloud services, although they are booming.

What are the challenges faced by companies while using cloud computing?

1. Data security

Data security is one of the challenges associated with cloud technologies while utilizing them in a company. Cybersecurity threats such as virus attacks, hacking, and identity theft can affect a business in several ways. Therefore, companies should ensure that they have a data management and security system that helps minimize problems to a large extent.

2. Lack of resources and expertise

The usage of cloud technologies is increasing, and many companies face a lack of resources and tools to manage them effectively. Furthermore, finding experts may become another challenging issue for an organization after implementing cloud technologies. Some of them employ trained professionals who have skills or certifications to manage problems with high efficiency.

3. Compliance

Compliance is one of the challenges faced by a company when it wants to implement cloud technologies. For instance, an organization needs to comply with the laws and regulations of an industry while transferring data from the cloud to its internal storage. Cloud host providers offer software as a service and other models for companies to achieve their goals. Therefore, a company should select the right model after evaluating the pros and cons.

Compliance cloud computing

4. Governance and control

A cloud service provider (CSP) will control the resources, and companies have to abide by the rules. As a result, traditional IT teams have to face challenges while processing data because they don’t have any control over it. Hence, a company should embrace IT’s conventional control and management procedures. Core IT and third-party cloud governance have emerged over the last few years to reduce unwanted problems.

5. Complexity in a multi-cloud environment

A majority of companies not only use single-cloud but also multi-cloud services to improve productivity. However, most of them use hybrid cloud tactics, which are a combination of public and private clouds. This often results in problems for an infrastructure team to manage them. Sometimes, the process may become more complex for the IT team because they don’t know the differences between multiple cloud providers.

6. Vendor lock-in

Cloud technologies are mostly offered by leading tech giants, which have ruled the market for many years. Vendor lock-in refers to a situation where a company has to depend largely on a service provider for its computational needs. It will restrict an organization from choosing another service provider. Moreover, it has to pay more money when switching to a different vendor.

7. Performance

Performance is one of the challenges faced by companies while selecting cloud services for their operations. Digital transformation provides methods to improve the user experience when using apps and websites. On the other hand, cloud technologies may cause a huge drop in the percentage of users when a server experiences high traffic. Even a little latency can affect the performance of a website or app.

8. Cloud integration

Integration of legacy systems can become a big challenge for a company after deploying cloud technologies. Integrating new apps and other things with cloud technologies involves several problems that many companies are not aware of. Companies should know the challenges in detail to overcome them efficiently.

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