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HomeTipsCan a Criminal Defense Attorney Really Help with Drug Charges?

Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Really Help with Drug Charges?

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Being charged with a drug crime is one of the most stressful things that can happen to you. A conviction on many drug charges can lead to prison time, fines, job loss, alienation of family, a criminal record, etc. 

A robust legal defense is the best way to avoid such severe consequences. But not any lawyer can do the job. You need a skilled drug crime lawyer with a proven record defending serious drug crime cases. 

As you consider which drug crime attorney to hire, please keep the following points in mind so you have a robust criminal defense. 

What a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Can Do for You

The first thing to know is if your defense attorney is skilled in serious drug cases. Questions you should ask them may include the following:

  • How much drug crime trial experience do you have? 
  • How do you approach drug crime cases like mine? 
  • Are you board-certified in criminal defense law? 
  • Do you teach or give presentations to other attorneys at continuing education meetings? 
  • Are you asked to speak at continuing education meetings to teach other attorneys how to handle drug crime charges? 

Once you determine you have a top-rated drug crime attorney, below are the benefits such an attorney can bring to your case:

Appear for You in Court 

If you can get out on bond before the trial, you usually need to appear at every court date. But your lawyer can appear for you at pre-trial hearings. 

Answer Your Questions 

If you have never been arrested, you may have many questions. Whether your questions involve drug laws, the criminal justice system, or even how to dress for court, your lawyer can help. 

Explain How Similar Cases Were Handled

A useful tool for learning about how your attorney works is to talk about how they handled drug cases identical to yours in the past. All cases are different, but this exercise should give you some insight into your case and how your attorney has worked on other drug cases.

Investigate the Case

Criminal defense lawyer

Hiring a top criminal defense lawyer means every part of the case will be studied. Your lawyer also will review the arrest to see if the police engaged in illegal or unconstitutional behavior. 

Develop a Strategy

An expert attorney in drug cases will know your case’s strengths and weaknesses and how to devise the best plan. 

Suppress Evidence

Your lawyer may learn about some evidence that the police obtained illegally. For example, they may have searched your home without a search warrant. Your attorney can file motions to suppress evidence so the jury never sees it. 


If evidence is suppressed from the jury, you may qualify for a lesser charge. Your attorney will argue that the original charges are unreasonable. They might even convince them to drop the case. 

Select a Fair Jury

Choosing the jury is a significant factor in how a case will be decided. Some attorneys say it is the most critical part of a trial. You can bet your attorney will do their best to win out any jurors with conflicts, biases, or preconceived ideas. 

Hold Prosecutors to Their Burden of Proof

The state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the drug crime. A good attorney holds the state to the burden of proof. It is not your job to prove you are innocent. 

Hiring an attorney skilled in drug crime defense is essential to minimizing the consequences of your charges. As soon as you are charged, do not speak to the police without talking to your attorney first. If you do that, you have a good chance of having the most robust possible defense.

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