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C14A Snapchat Error: What is it and How to Fix?

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Snapchat is a social media app that lets users share their photos and videos with ease? It is different from other apps because the photos and videos will disappear in a few seconds after recipients view them. The app also covers some other features for users that help ensure a better experience. Some of them include Snapchatter, Snap, stories, private stories, etc. It works on all iOS and Android devices, enabling users to perform various tasks with more efficiency. A C14A Snapchat error may occur on Android and iPhone devices when opening the Snapchat app, and users should know how to solve the problem in various ways.

What is C14A Snapchat Error?

Snapchat users may encounter the C14A error code due to various reasons that will result in several problems. It will occur when users want to sign into their account. A user should know the causes of the C14A error with more attention. This, in turn, gives methods for taking action to resolve the issue at the earliest.

What are the ways to fix Snapchat error code C14A?

1. Clearing the cache and unwanted data

The first step to fixing Snapchat error code C14A is clearing the cache and data effectively. Users should keep in mind that the cache can store temporary files that will affect the performance of the Snapchat app. Sometimes, the files may become corrupted, which can fill up a device and result in a C14A error. However, it works only for Android users, and they should follow some guidelines to ensure better performance.

Here are some steps Android users should follow when clearing caches and data.

Step 1

A user should open settings on an Android device and select apps or application manager.

Step 2

In the second step, one should scroll through the search bar and tap the same to open the app’s information.

Step 3

The third step is that a user should go to clear data under privacy controls and select clear cache.

Step 4

The fourth step is to press the “clear cache” button which will delete temporary files.

Clearing cache and unwanted data will help improve the performance of the Snapchat app.

2. Updating or reinstalling Snapchat

Updating or reinstalling snapchat c14a snapchat error

Using an outdated Snapchat version on iPhones or Android phones may create problems, and one should consider updating the same immediately. Reinstalling Snapchat is another way to enhance the performance of an app and get the desired output. At the same time, one should uninstall the app first before the reinstallation process. Besides, users should enter the correct credentials to log into the account after reinstalling the Snapchat app.

3. Checking the internet connection and disabling the VPN

Android and iPhone users should check their internet connection properly when they receive a C14A Snapchat error on their devices. They should turn off the cellular data first, turn it on again, or switch to a Wi-Fi network. Those who use Wi-Fi networks should switch off their mobile data. Anyone who is using a VPN should disable the network quickly because it will result in a C14A Snapchat error. A VPN may create an error while logging into an account. Therefore, a device user should disable the same to access the app without any difficulties.

If disabling the VPN doesn’t solve the issue, then a user should consider picking an alternative internet connection to check whether the app works or not.

4. Checking the Snapchat server

Android and iPhone users will face a C14A Snapchat error due to issues on the Snapchat server. Hence, they should consider checking the status of a server, which will help in resolving the problem to a greater extent. One way to check the server status is by visiting the Downdetector website and typing Snapchat in the search box. The webpage will provide a report of the server’s status that will help overcome the error.

5. Unlocking a Snapchat account

Snapchat accounts will get locked because of various circumstances that will result in a C14A error. A device user should unlock the account as soon as possible to avoid the error. Android and iPhone users will see the Unlock My Account option only if the app locks an account. They should log in to a Snapchat account using the credentials. The next step is that they should choose the “Unlock my account” option and press the button. One should close the app and open it again to see if it’s working.

6. Entering the correct credentials

Entering the correct credentials c14a snapchat error

A user should enter the correct credentials, such as their phone number, email address, username, and password. Using the wrong credentials may lead to various problems, and one should enter them properly. Android and iPhone users who have forgotten their passwords should know how to change them after reading the instructions.

7. Checking the device time and date

When Android and iPhone devices display the incorrect time or date, it will lead to several problems. The best solution to overcome this problem is to restart a device that provides ways to prevent the C14A error. Furthermore, a user can go to the settings page and turn on the automatic date and time option.

8. Disabling third-party apps temporarily

Using third-party apps on Android and iPhone devices will cause a C14A Snapchat error that needs a proper solution. It is wise to disable them temporarily because some apps can violate Snapchat’s terms and conditions.

9. Contacting Snapchat support

Android and iPhone users should contact the Snapchat support team when they don’t know how to solve the C14A Snapchat error. The Snapchat support team will guide a device user to manage the error through various steps. A device user can go to the official Snapchat website and use the option “Contact Us.” They should submit a request to the team by providing the details, including the issues they faced.


The C14A error will occur in Android and iPhone devices when opening a Snapchat app. A device user should know how to fix the problem in various ways that help them achieve their goals. Also, knowing the guidelines on how to overcome the C14A error enables device users to improve performance and other things. Another thing is that they show methods to use an app with high efficiency.

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