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HomeMoneyBuying Bitcoins For The First Time? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Buying Bitcoins For The First Time? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

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Like any currency, Bitcoin has value only to a certain extent. Bitcoins have no physical presence, like metal coins or paper money. Instead, bitcoins are lines of code that exist on computers around the world. The computers that do calculations for a bitcoin network are called miners because their job is akin to mining precious metals from the ground—each new bitcoin represents a new line of code that needs to be unearthed. Visit at: https://cryptofolds.com/

To understand how bitcoin works, you must first get acquainted with bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is what keeps bitcoin alive and functioning; it is a peer-to-peer network that creates bitcoins by verifying each transaction that takes place in it. At its core, bitcoin is an elaborate system for recording and keeping track of debts and obligations—and generating new currency when needed through so-called mining activities.

Now, diving deeper into the Bitcoin mining system, at first, the system verifies each and every Bitcoin transaction on a public ledger called the blockchain—that is, they add to it all financial transactions they receive as inputs (i.e., transactions made in Bitcoins). In exchange of newly generated Bitcoin units, the miners are then rewarded.

A Step By Step Mini Guide To Buy Bitcoins 

Step 1: Select An Exchange Platform

Before you get into Bitcoin mining, you will need a platform to convert your fiat money to crypto. When you choose an exchange platform, you can easily sell your traded cryptocurrency when you feel the need to doing so. This means they can set their pricing and charge a fee for their service.

One of the best examples of reliable, trusted, and secure exchange platforms include Bitcoin Era, which helps with hassle-free buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency. Moreover, it is a reliable crypto trading platform that you can give you access to do seamless Bitcoin trading.

Step 2: Complete Registration And Security Checks

You’ll need to register and pass security tests once you’re on an exchange platform. The exchange will send you a confirmation email to verify your identity and ask you to set a password. Adding your phone number enables two-factor authentication (2FA), which stops anyone without your password and phone from gaining access to your account.

For the completion of verification purpose, you may be required to upload your photo or submit an identification card. When undergoing the verification process, you should note that the process of verification varies from exchange platforms.

Step 3: Set up your Bitcoin Wallet

Set up your bitcoin wallet buying bitcoins

Bitcoin wallet is like your purse; its primary role is to store your funds and help with transactions; the only significant difference is that your Bitcoin wallet will be digital as the wallet is made from software stored in your computer’s hard drive.

Step 4- Link Your Bank Account

You can make and accept quick payments if you add and validate your bank account. Transfer fees are typically less than 1%, and many platforms do not charge them. Linking your preferred bank account to your chosen exchange platform is of utmost importance. When you link your bank account to your bitcoin wallet, you can sell bitcoin and withdraw funds to your bank account.

Step 5- Deposit into your Exchange Account.

After providing all the details and verification, you can transfer the amount you desire to the exchange platform.This thirst for knowledge should be accompanied by a desire for direct ownership of their digital assets.But a majority don’t prefer PayPal as their payment method as their selection is limited and is notorious for charging high fees. And since users can’t lend their crypto and the lack of private keys questions the security of funds, people look around for other ways.


Your final step revolves around your Bitcoin purchase with the money in your exchange Wallet. Once you agree to pay the amount you are willing to invest in Bitcoin and its transaction fee, click on the “Buy” option on your interface and wait for the transaction to complete. If your marketing is successful, then Congratulations! Now you own Bitcoin, and you will no longer be missing out on the benefits of investing early in the coming years.

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