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Boost Staff Morale Before Burn-Out Hits

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Every manager will learn the hard lesson that happy employees are productive employees, while unhappy employees are the ones who don’t show up or give it their all when they’re in the office.

Naturally, for the sake of a successful business and the overall well-being of your staff, you want to make sure that everyone is happy and not burning out. Boosting your staff morale will not only benefit them, but you and your company too since they’ll be more likely to work harder and stay loyal to you.

Here are some ways to improve the mood at work before your employees hit a wall.

Schedule Team Building Events That People Actually Want to Attend

Most people shudder at the phrase “team building” but if you avoid obstacle courses and instead focus on activities that people actually enjoy, they can be really good for your business.

Plan to go out for a drink after work, schedule a few staff lunches a month, or plan a genuinely fun year-end function. If there’s a holiday coming up, use it as the perfect excuse to get employees out of the office and into a more relaxed mood – check out some work Christmas party ideas for example since the end of the year is coming up. If you need inspiration for your holiday party, you can check out decoratorswarehouse.com for a huge selection of Christmas decorations that will bring the magic to your party.

Promote a Good Work/Life Balance

As a manager, the promotion of a good work/life balance needs to come from you, at least to a certain degree. If employees know that you take their time off seriously and care about boundaries, they’re less likely to feel obligated to work overtime and sacrifice their mental and physical health.

Respect your employee’s time, and avoid contacting them after hours or expecting them to work late unless there’s a seriously good reason. Additionally, showing your appreciation for their work can help in this matter.

Worklife balance staff morale

Encourage Staff to Take Their Vacation Time

Some employees just love to work, or perhaps they’re afraid to ask for time off. If you notice any staff members with built-up vacation time or someone looking a little more exhausted than they should be, suggest they take some time off to care for themselves.

A suggestion like that from a manager can go a long way in an employee feeling cared for and valued.

Create an Unplug Zone in the Office

Sometimes, the office is just a crazy, busy, loud space, where you’re expected to be in go-mode all the time.

If this is the case, a good idea could be to create a quiet zone, or an unplug zone in your busy office, where employees can break away from the rush to focus or just relax for a five-minute breather. Here, they can find calm amidst the chaos of the work day.

Allow For Flexible or Remote Work

Finally, consider changing over to allow for your employees to work from home if and when it suits them – there are certainly ways to make this hybrid way of working successful.

Trusting your staff to get their work done without anyone breathing down their necks will add to their feeling positive about their jobs and willing to prove themselves.

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