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BMW X4: Flashier than the X3

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At the very first glance, it seems to be an SUV. A moment later, it appears to be like a 4-door coupe. After some time, you realize that this isn’t a car that fits into the conventional body style of cars and perhaps is something different. But then, what exactly is it? Well, BMW says that the BMW X4 is a sports activity coupe.

In simple terms, the X4 is basically a coupe SUV, a new segment of cars that automakers have entered into where they breed a coupe with an SUV and get the offspring as a coupe SUV. Long story short, a coupe SUV is a car that possesses the charm, style, and panache of a coupe and, at the same time, has the utilitarian and go-anywhere characteristics of an SUV. In this article, we give you a quick overview of the 2018 BMW X4.

Bmw x4

Let us talk about design first. A lot of people have been critical about the shape size and design of coupe SUVs like the X4 calling it to be a “stanced-up” coupe or a stretched SUV. But there also is another class of audience who have appreciated the concept of coupe SUVs and have welcomed this idea.

Let’s face it, the X4 is rather an oddly shaped car but it seems to be oddly shaped because it isn’t like something you would expect to see on the roads regularly. This rather unusual shape of the X4, which starts at the front like an SUV and ends as a coupe, with a sloping roofline, will certainly grab eyeballs and turn heads around no matter what.

Moreover, the intimidating front end of the car also offers an excellent street presence. The car has got a beefy front fascia with those signature BMW kidney grills and the typical twin circular headlamps. The car from the front kind of has got a mean look to it. Move on to the side and you’ll find a rather sleek and flamboyant design. With the large wheel arches covering the large alloy wheels and with a couple of lines flowing across the body accompanied by the sloping roofline, it all creates drama for this car.

BMW has created a nice rear end with the wrap-around LED tail lights which complete the car’s unique look. As far as the external looks and the design go, we would rather say that it is a matter of everybody’s personal taste. Some might find it to be unique and beautiful and while it may not appeal to others.

Let’s discuss the powertrain of the X4 now. The X4 comes with 2 engine options. The xDrive 30i variant of the X4 comes fitted with an inline, 2-liter, 4-cylinder, twin-turbo engine that churns out around 248 horses and delivers 258 lb.-ft of torque. This being an xDrive, the power is sent to all four wheels as a result of which the X4 can go from rest to 60 MPH in about 6 seconds.

The M40i variant of the X4, on the other hand, gets BMW’s M performance inline, 6-cylinder, 3-liter, twin-turbo engine that delivers a maximum output of 355 HP and 343 lb.-ft of torque. BMW says that this engine is the most powerful M-performance engine to date. The 2018 BMW X4 with this engine can shoot itself to 60 mph from a standstill in about 4.6 seconds.

The X4 is a luxury coupe SUV so everything on the inside is luxurious. The materials used are of high quality and the levels of fit and finish are also great. You also get all sorts of creature comforts that you’d expect from a car in this category and there’s nothing really you can complain about it.

You literally get pampered in the lap of luxury. However, things do change a bit if you opt for the M40i variant of the X4. You see the M40i is the sporty variant of the X4 and so the interiors of the M40i do get a sporty touch to it. You get to see sporty red stitching all over the front and the rear seats. Additionally, you get sporty seats up front with enhanced bolstering just so that you don’t get thrown around while driving your sports activity coupe at high speeds on the race track.

Bmw x4

The standard BMW X4 iDrive is priced at $50450 while the sportier M40i variant is priced at $60450. Pricing is pretty competitive compared to the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe which is yet another coupe SUV. The X4 basically is a great package that offers you all the luxurious features that you’d get from a luxury coupe and at the same time has the sportiness of an SUV.

The X4 is the car that you can drive leisurely on open twisties with the sunroof open and at the same time use it to explore the woods, take through the undulations and wade across the rivers. The versatile capabilities of the X4 make it a really attractive proposition. With all that being said, done, and dusted, the question is, would you put your money on this sports activity coupe, or would resort to a conventional SUV? We would like to hear it from you.

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