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Bitcoin guide for beginners

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Bitcoin emerges as a digital currency available on the web. It can also be termed as an asset one possesses digitally. Often, one can define it as an electronic currency available in a decentralized form to the users. Bitcoins are just like your gold or cash combination stored digitally. Many times, people surf whether one can spend bitcoins can be spent online as a payment method. At some platforms, bitcoin is accepted to be a spendable currency over the web. Though, one can’t receive bitcoins offline in a physical form like gold or cash.

At the same time, one can understand bitcoin as two things mentioned below:

  • BTC (Bitcoin digital asset): In the bitcoin world, Bitcoin digital assets are the original coins available in a digital form. In existence, only 21 million bitcoins are available in the market. In simple words, bitcoin digital asset is an important thing one should know about it. Bitcoin is not a currency one can avail of as a physical one, but it exists as a digital cryptocurrency. It is like a digital coin available as a cryptocurrency. The coins are not taken from any bank or government. One can create bitcoins gradually after some time. But a maximum limit is attached to it, that is 21 million.

One can collect bitcoins as trading money and spent it like other fiat currencies. Over time, the creation of new bitcoins will get slower. In the end, it would be able to create bitcoins after decades.

  • Bitcoin network: It is a cryptocurrency that is linked with a blockchain network operating over bitcoins. Bitcoin is like a digital asset that can be used online for different applications. In the bitcoin network, two operations performed include the following:
  1. It is useful in maintaining bitcoin transaction records performed ever.
  2. It is used to store and carry transactions involving bitcoins.

Determination of bitcoin price

Bitcoin price does by demand and supply. With a higher order of bitcoin in the market, bitcoin prices may get higher. But when fewer people would like to invest in bitcoin, it would result in decreasing the cost. When more people enter the market to sell bitcoins, it would raise the supply and decrease the demand. When fewer people start selling bitcoins, it can do a reverse situation. It means that supply would get decreased,, and demand curve will go higher. So, it is why bitcoin price fluctuates due to demand and supply. And bitcoin price determination is done by the users involved in bitcoin transactions.

What can you know about bitcoin anonymity?

With the bitcoins, a strong anonymity is linked. Though, one can’t perform transactions involving bitcoins without making it completely anonymous. Bitcoin transactions are available over a public ledge that can be accessed by anyone. When performing any bitcoin transaction, one can use it without revealing the name or other personal detail. It does work with a high speed not like the bank account.

Advantages linked to bitcoins:

  • It is a digital asset available as the most portable one in comparison to other currencies. It can also be used to transfer via radio waves or satellites.
  • The brand recognition and liquidity are higher with bitcoin than other currencies or cryptocurrencies available in the market.
  • Among several merchants and organizations, bitcoins are a most accepted cryptcurrency.

Limitations linked to bitcoins:

  • When using bitcoin systems, the available ins and outs exist in the learning. A steep curve represents the learning. In the bitcoin applications, user-interface is a complicated thing. It might become a struggle for many users prevailing in the market. Any foolproof is not available in the bitcoin apps. It makes the bitcoin network a complicated thing for the new users too.
  • Bitcoin users need to get aware about cybersecurity to start using it. If one is not aware about it, it might be a limitation to it.


In the final words, one can conclude that Bitcoin does come with many benefits and some drawbacks. If anyone is not aware much about bitcoin, they might fail to use it properly. Also, bitcoin operation becomes tough when you’re using it without interacting with it. You can read more here about The Wealth Matrix and certain concepts associated with it.

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