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Best Webinar Platforms of 2022

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A webinar platform is an online platform that provides ways to conduct meetings and other events with ease. It is the best choice for businesses to market their products or services to customers. Webinars are effective strategies to ensure high conversion rates. On the other hand, a business should choose the best webinar platforms from the markets after making complete research. This will help a lot to engage the audience effectively which gives ways to increase sales. Moreover, they allow a business to accomplish goals with high success rates.

Knowing more about the best webinar platforms

1. BlueJeans

Bluejeans best webinar software platform

BlueJeans is the best webinar software platform available in the markets with the latest features. Some of them include a moderator dashboard, automated closed captioning, event set up in less than a minute, etc. Furthermore, it is a 100% browser-based platform allowing users to host an event as soon as possible. The platform is suitable for growth-focused marketing teams and production teams to obtain optimal results.

2. Demio

Demio webinar platform

Demio is a webinar platform that offers both live and on-demand features. This platform supports all browsers and devices allowing businesses to set up the same with ease. It is customizable and businesses can add their logo that matches their brand. Another thing is that it gives ways to integrate with many common marketing features. A 14-day trial is available for a business that will help know more about functions in detail.

3. EasyWebinar


EasyWebinar is suitable for live and automated programs which are simple to use. Some of the features offered by the platform include real-time chat, no delay streaming, high-quality pictures, security, etc. It provides ways to stream an event effectively that help reach a larger audience. The advanced analytics and reporting feature offered by the platform enables a business to get greater insights into the actions.

4. GetResponse

Getresponse best webinar tools

GetResponse is one of the best webinar tools available for a business because it comes with excellent features. Some of them include AB testing, in-depth reporting, detailed reports, CRM, desktop sharing, YouTube integration for viewing videos, etc. A free 30-day trial is available for a business that will help a lot to know more about the features. The platform tracks conversion rates that provide detailed audience statistics. It even allows users to set up autoresponders by addressing the exact needs.

5. Livestream

Livestream webinar software platform

Livestream is a webinar software platform that caters to the needs of big businesses with various features. Some of the key features offered by the platform include unlimited storage, private link sharing, impressive customer support. The platform even provides ways to embed the webinar into YouTube or Facebook. Besides that, it allows a business to privatize an event depending on the needs. It also comes with extensive in-built analytics that gives ways to gain more advantages.

6. ON24

On24 best webinar platform

ON24 is the best webinar platform meant for enterprise-based businesses that help get the desired outcomes. Some of the features provided by the platform include polling, on-demand, customization, lobby music, etc. The platform offers real-time statistics about online conferences with high accuracy. It allows a business to understand the engagement of big digital events or conferences.

7. Zoom

Zoom best webinar platforms

Zoom is one of the best webinar platforms that come with excellent features. Some of them include screen-sharing, live chat, hand-raising, marketing tools, etc. The platform allows a business to back up meetings in the cloud. It even gives ways to gather attendee feedback with automatic surveys.

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