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Best Ways to Tap Into Your True Target Audience

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If you plan to start a new business in any domain, you need to first identify your target audience. This is where many start-ups tend to fail. This only results in a marketing strategy that does not engage an audience and is everywhere. With time, social media platforms are gaining increasing popularity. Moreover, eCommerce sales are projected to grow $600 billion by 2021. Modern bands can avail many opportunities by reaching their potential customers. For marketers, competition is only becoming increasingly tough. An effective marketing strategy is one that emphasizes more on the niche audience.

Significance of Target Audience

Brands tend to survive and lose out to competition based on their knowledge of their niche audience. Marketing becomes much easier if you get to know your audience better including their needs. The key here is to speak the language that your audience is acquainted with. A well-defined audience can help influence the given below aspects associated with your business.

  • Content types to generate and where to distribute them.
  • Your brand voice and marketing message tone
  • Places to spend maximum time trying to prospect new leads

While attracting new followers and leads, most brands make the mistake of casting a large net. Nobody is a winner if you try to appease everyone. Generic content and content will only make your business get lost in the crowd.

Hence avoid seeking a one-size-fits-all approach and try to carve out a specific customer subset and niche group. Whatever be the product/services you plan to offer, you can find a target audience with some research and understanding. You need to find out ways to identify them.

Ways to find your niche customers

Ways to find your niche customers niche customers

  • Define ideal customers: You need to first determine what your ideal customers should be. You may already have some following or planning the next phase for your product launch. Whatever be it, you are likely to have some idea of what your ideal customer should be. Determine what type of persona you are targeting for your business. For whom is the product/service developed? While defining, consider demographic factors like location, income, gender, age. Also, consider where you can locate them online and the type of content they prefer. Find out what problems they face in their daily lives.
  • Solve problems: Once you identify their problems, you can offer relevant solutions. Your marketing strategies should be based on solving problems and empathize with their pain points. This way, you can attract a specific following easily and effortlessly.
  • Benefit from social media platforms: It is the best place to find your ideal customers. Go through the content types that get the most shares and ‘likes’. This can provide a better understanding of what your customers prefer and likes. Analyzing hashtags can help know about your customers. Choose trending happenings, debates or discussions and be part of this conversation.
  • Get to know audience analytics: Data-driven marketing is crucial. Focusing on analytics can help prevent making assumptions about overall marketing strategy, content and products. Besides social analytics, prioritize Google Analytics. This can help pinpoint the effectiveness of your content with your target audience. Some crucial data points to know include:
    • Which website pages are being given more time by your visitors and not bouncing?
    • Which content attracts your niche audience more?
    • Which channels draw more customers and traffic (SEO, social media, PPC, etc.)
  • Ask appropriate questions: Ask relevant questions as it can help you to know our niche audience better. It also influences your marketing direction or strategies. Asking questions allows your brand to showcase itself as a helping hand. Showing your concerns will allow you to be a ‘good and attentive guy’ and eager to help others in need.

Following the above strategies can help tap into your target audience effectively and increase sales and revenue.

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