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Best Virtual Team Celebration Ideas for Remote Teams

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Maintaining positivity within the remote teams working has become compulsory due to the pandemic. However, staying physically in connection is impossible. Though there is social distancing, Friday can be fun as usual by including some virtual team celebration ideas. A team well-connected will participate in a shared purpose and turn to be productive.

List of virtual team celebration ideas

 Virtual Escape Room

 virtual escape room virtual team celebration

Virtual escape rooms offer immersive and challenging adventures for all teams at the home, office, or a combination of both. In a physical room, players get the same tasks and puzzles for a shared goal escape. This escape room game is one of the virtual team celebration ideas. It is via Zoom, and the guidance is in the room by a host featuring a live camera feed. Virtual escape room fosters collaboration, brainstorming of the team in problem-solving to complete tasks in an hour. It may include finding the gold, breaking out of prison, solving a heist, and so on. However, it is a better way to bond, communicate, and learn about the personalities of a remote team. Such virtual office celebration ideas are fun.

Team timeline

The team timeline is to use some programs and to share the history. Virtual office party ideaslast for few hours. For team timeline, you can add particular feats such as scoring major clients, starting a company, gaining certification, and personal accomplishments. It is a great activity to instill the team success idea. Timelines are unique ways to commemorate milestones and virtual parties remotely. You can also include silly wins such as getting a high score in Candy Crush or brewing coffee perfectly.

Cocktail Shake-Up

Traditionally folks cheer with a drink. It is momentous for champagne. A team learning to mix fancy drinks and make cocktail shake-up is one of the best virtual office celebration ideas.  It begins with each team member receiving ingredients in a package. A video call is a rendezvous where a guide will lead a tasty drink tutorial. The virtual event is for all occasions, right from promotions to birthdays, project completions to plain fun.

Bond with the “Feel Good” Game

Building the success of a game keeps the team building. The self-service format alternates between practicing and pre-recorded videos. It includes a list of virtual team celebration ideas. It means highlighting the qualities and strengths and bringing teams together. It involves practicing and learning to give positive feedback and to participate in rewarding and fun activities.

Divide into 3-8 player groups. It can be your colleagues from your work or mix with cross- disciplinary teams. You can also include team members to play together from different locations. The beauty is to ensure a feel-good game.

Guessing game

In this guessing game, the Virtual office party ideas enjoy the most, as it includes guessing work on personal facts.  It is a way of learning the interests of a team member beyond work hours. It begins with the manager asking each member of the team to share personal facts. It may be compiled into a document and shared with the team. It is an ice breaker game and a fascinating way of developing camaraderie and successful team cohesion.

In an empty column, each employee gives their guesses. The answer key is provided to team members to know how their guessing works. It is one of the virtual parties’ games that will have all the team members guess answers and is a lot of fun.

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