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Best Tools to Automate Your eCommerce Business

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You may perhaps be seeking ways and means to enhance your eCommerce business and looking for the best eCommerce automation tools. There are several tools easily available. Getting to know about them and using the appropriate ones can help enhance your online store efficiency. These are software programs, designed to work on your behalf without requiring any manual work. Some are affordable, while others are available for free. Its correct implementation can save precious time and money.

Top eCommerce automation software


Buffer ecommerce automation tool

Store owners can use this tool to automate their posts on different social media platforms. It can be scheduled for about 10 days for free. Simply schedule the date, time for your posts in advance. It also allows you to find out the number of people who have clicked your link. Your top posts are focused upon and you can re-buffer them, thereby optimizing your social media webpage. This way, you can derive a consistent brand voice with regular account activity.


Oberlo ecommerce automation tool

With this tool, product imports can be automated. It supports one-click product imports. From AliExpress, it directly imports the product, images and copy onto your store. Order processing is also automated to complete with just a single click. With one click, your suppliers can be provided with all the consumer details. Since suppliers are responsible for shipping, you can save money and time. You can run your business efficiently from any part of the globe. It also streamlines timely order processing. You can enjoy about monthly 50 orders by opting for the free Starter Plan.


Kit ecommerce automation software

If you are new in the advertising domain, then this is the best eCommerce automation software to use. It can help create Instagram and Facebook on your behalf. You will be sent texts inquiring about the type of marketing actions you wish to implement. This tool can be used to post Facebook updates, run retargeting ads, promote products and send across personalized emails. Shopify store owners can benefit immensely from Kit since it ingrates well with their specific e-commerce automation tool. It also includes other Shopify apps such as SEO Manager, Product Discounts, etc. Although you need to shelve out $10 a month to use it, this tool is worth the try.


Ifttt ecommerce automation software

With this eCommerce automation software, you can automate easily different business actions. Share new blog posts with others on the different social media platforms. Include within Google Calendar some scheduled email campaigns or set reminders to notify important dates. It also lets you monitor competitors’ actions. It offers diverse ways to develop, grow and market your online business. it is also available for free.

Google Alerts

Google alerts ecommerce automation tools

Google does not need any special introduction and all products launched by it to date are quite useful. With Google Alerts, you can undertake competitive research and market research. You can set alerts for specific brands, public figures or keywords. It will send you emails if new content is published on the web related to your interest. This way, you can stay well-informed in your niche field and the happenings in the industry. You can also get to know your competitors’ latest strategy implemented and the like.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points ecommerce automation tools

Introduced by Bold, this is one of the best eCommerce automation tools that you can find on the web. If you want to introduce loyalty programs to retain your customers, then this is the tool to use. It is more affordable to retain existing customers than to find new ones. Customer retention becomes easier with this app. It allows reward points to customers for registration, purchases, etc.

You should always use the best eCommerce automation tools to promote your online business.

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