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Best Tech-Related Startup Companies

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Technology is a famous industry that is very popular among many people today. There are many companies that are operating in this industry these days. You can find a lot of types of tech-related startup companies that are growing very rapidly. These companies are unique because they can offer a lot of benefits for all clients. Because of these benefits, many people are interested in becoming customers of these startup companies.

1. Feather

Feather is a unique startup company that is supported by its modern technology. It is a furniture subscription service that is available on the market. This service allows all customers to access any furniture at a very affordable monthly price. All customers are able to add, buy, swap, and return any furniture they want easily. A feather startup company is located in New York. Feather serves customers from several areas, including New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Orange County.

2. Mint House

This is another popular startup company on the market today. There are some investors who are behind this startup company, including Kerry Hatch, NextView Ventures, and also Revolution. It is a hospitality company that can provide convenience for all guests who are looking for the best rooms for their needs. This company can convert a regular home to become a high-end hotel. Mint House is going to use its new digital technology for handling any complicated processes, such as check-in. All homeowners can rent their properties to other people easily when using its platform.

3. Glofox

This startup company is located in Dublin. It is a gym and fitness management platform that is available on the market today. This company can provide software services for all gym and fitness center owners from around the world. All gym owners are able to manage memberships, follow up leads, and schedule any classes easily when using its platform. Some companies also invest their money in this startup, including Partech, Octopus Ventures, and also Enterprise Ireland. This company is growing very quickly in today’s world.

4. Dahmakan

It is a food delivery startup company that is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This company has a lot of potential clients who are happy to use its platform. This company is ready to deliver fresh food to anywhere in Klang Valley Malaysia without minimum order. This platform offers free delivery options for all customers in this area. Dahmakan uses artificial intelligence in cooking automation and logistics for offering the best food delivery experience.

5. Dolly

Dolly startup company is based in Seattle. There are a lot of potential customers who are ready to become regular clients of this company. It is a customer service company that can offer delivery service at a very affordable price. All customers can use its Dolly app for moving furniture, picking up any big items, and also moving to a new home. There are some investors who are behind this startup company, including Version One Ventures, Unlock Venture Partners, and Maveron. It is very easy to use its modern app that is available for all clients of Dolly.

6. Sawyer

If you want to grow your child easily, you should install this Sawyer app on your smartphone. This is a startup company that operates in the parenting industry. Sawyer is able to connect all parents with any providers who are ready to enrich childhood experiences. All of these providers can help promote early childhood education for your child. This startup company is located in Los Angeles and New York. It is currently developing a new headquarter that is located in Chicago. The total funding of this startup company can reach up to $18.5 million. This startup company is very well-known for its easy-to-use application.

7. Wingtra

This is another tech-related startup company that you can find on the market. This is a professional drone creator that is based in Zurich, Switzerland. This company is very well-known for its vertical take-off and landing or VTOL drones. These drones are very effective to offer high-precision aerial data for providing the best surveying and mapping applications. There are two big investors who are behind this startup company, including Zurcher Kantonalbank and Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital. This company is growing its business very rapidly by producing a lot of drones for its customers.

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