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Best Self-Employed Jobs 2020 (With No Qualifications)

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After thinking about the downsides associated with working for someone many of us do not like the idea or the prospect. At times we would like to be our own boss and take up self-employed jobs with no qualifications required. Sometimes, people think it is a crazy idea to do a business of sorts without any qualifications.

However, it is possible for you to start up your own business with little or no investment whatsoever. Taking up these jobs means that you can be your own boss and do not have to be reporting to anyone. This would also mean that you would be able to make enough money to be able to take care of your financial requirements. We look at some of the top jobs that are out there that do not require you to have any qualifications at all.

Top self-employment ideas

Self employment ideas

  • Taking up online surveys: All you would require is to have a computer with a stable internet connection. These self-employment jobs require you to sit at the comfort of your home and earn a decent amount of money by taking online surveys.
  • Deliver groceries and essentials: You can take orders from your locality and purchase groceries and have them delivered for a profit. This also does not require investment and can help you earn a handsome amount.
  • Restaurant deliveries: Tying up with a restaurant and having their orders delivered is another form of self-employed jobs with no qualifications You may be required to have a vehicle but in most cases, the restaurant would be able to provide you with the same.

Restaurant deliveries

  • Consultant on social media: Anyone spending time with social media platforms can easily become a consultant for different clients. It can be to promote their products, services, or anything they have on social media platforms. You can work for construction companies, and help them in marketing their business and winning projects. Internet and a computer may be required for this self employment idea.
  • Becoming a blogger or freelance writer: This may also require you to have a computer with an internet connection. With basic English, you can make a decent living out of writing articles on the internet.

Most of these self employment ideas are good for people of any age group. You can get your way around with relevant ease without having to invest a lot of money towards your job. Moreover, you get to be your own boss and not have to report to anyone who does a regular day job.

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