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Best Project Planning Apps for Entrepreneurs

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All entrepreneurs should plan everything for their businesses properly. If you want to grow your company quickly, you need to know how to plan all the details in your business. This article is going to recommend some popular project-planning apps for entrepreneurs. Many useful features can be found in these apps. An efficient project planning procedure is very useful to improve the success rate of your project. It is very easy for you to use any of these project planning apps that are available on the Internet. All of these tools are specially created for beginners who want to manage their projects easily.

1. nTask

Project planning tools project planning apps

It is one of our favorite project planning tools on the Internet. This online project management tool is available for all users for free. It is specially designed for all entrepreneurs who want to get their success easily. This app offers a simplified interface that can facilitate the project management process significantly. You will be able to create, organize, assign, prioritize, and also share tasks with other members of your team easily. This tool also offers Gantt charts that can help you monitor your project progress effectively. Its reminders, notifications, and also alerts can keep your team on track.

2. Freedcamp

This is a cloud-based project management tool that is suitable for all small business owners. It allows you to have an efficient collaboration workflow with all of your team members. When you use this tool, you can get access to its Kanban boards. These boards are specially used in this tool, to provide easy visual access for all users. When you use this project management tool, you can get access to its calendar for scheduling any tasks or meetings at any time you want. Freedcamp is available in free, lite, enterprise, and business plans.

3. Azendoo

If you want to manage your team effectively, you should consider using this powerful tool. This is the best project management tool that you can use every day. You can organize tasks, meet project goals, and also collaborate with other team members easily. This tool has a simple and easy interface, so you can manage your projects and track progress effectively. You can customize the reports generated on this website. Don’t forget to turn on the reminders and notifications about your project progress. The paid plan for this Azendoo starts from $7.5 per user every month.

4. Hansoft

There are many useful features that you can find in this tool. It is an enterprise planning tool for all small business owners. It can support several project planning methods, for example, Kanban, Scrum, or Waterfalls hybrids. When you use this tool, you can improve planning efficiency by 20 percent. This project management tool is suitable for both long-term and short-term projects. Hansoft has a single backlog for all users to assess and prioritize any entities. This tool is available in the free and paid versions. You can try the free version before you join its paid plan.

5. Teamwork

It is one of the most popular project management tools on the market today. This app is very well-known for its core features, including a time tracking system, milestones monitoring, task management, and Gantt charts. When you use this software, you can get access to its Teamwork Chat. This feature is specially created to help you have good communication with your team members. This free app allows you to chat with other people, search for any conversations, and attach files to all members of your team. There are some colorful templates and themes that are offered by this tool.

6. Avaza

If you are looking for the best project planning apps, you can take a look at this software. When using this tool, you can break down your project into manageable tasks. You can use this software for creating your to-do lists, workflows, or timeframes. There are two main parts of this tool, including payment management and project estimation. You can organize and manage all projects effectively when using this tool. Once the project starts, you can still have good communication with clients through its chat feature. Avaza also has a stable server, so you can share all files with other members of your team easily.

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