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Best Project Management Software 2021

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These days, there are different types of projects being launched the world over of varying budget & complexity. It is important to keep track of the progress made in the project to ensure it is moving in the right direction. There can be challenges & problems faced when executing projects, which if not managed & controlled may cause some delay. This, in turn, will also cause an increase in expenses & investments. Fortunately, there have emerged several project management software tools that you can adopt to eliminate & mitigate such problems. Using these tools can help your business to be more productive & to make your work more organized.

Top 4 project management software tools

1. Wrike

Wrike project management software

This work management platform is effective to carry out internal processes such as feedback & reviews. Every project involves a dashboard where tasks are included and then assigned to concerned team members. Notifications & messages are also included allowing them to know the task to be undertaken. It is easy to measure & review the tasks through different views. Thus, it assures on-time project delivery, crucial for business success. It is exclusively developed for teams requiring signing things internally to do proof work. It also comes with inbuilt approval & feedback mechanism. It is flexible & can be developed as well as modified to be used in various ways. It also fits perfectly different business types & workflows.

2. project.co

Project management software

This tool was developed originally for Wyzowl video production agencies’ persons use. It helps to maintain client communication. You can share files & chat with your clients on a project basis. Your internal team can also enjoy enhanced project management abilities. When used properly, you can witness the increased overall efficiency of your business. It allows you to maintain low prices and have a happy & satisfied client base & internal team. Also, you can work on several projects simultaneously. This client-facing project management software tool is developed to manage every aspect related to the project. Task management features offered is also valuable to managers. You can track the time that your team spent on projects & measure profitability.

3. Asana

Asana project management software

Asana is a popular & commonly used project management solution by businesses across the globe. While being easy to use, it is also quite powerful. It has been designed for people managing projects & internal teams. Project leaders or managers can now develop team projects, include individual tasks & assign them to respective team members. Also can be assigned due dates & priority levels, thus holding all stake-holders accountable & ensure getting work on time. The timeline feature is what sets this project management tool apart from its competitors. Every project & task is considered to be visual & have connected meaning. This will allow your team to visualize the tasks to be undertaken & the timeline set. It has a colorful interface & easy to use drag & drop functionality to extend & develop timescales.

4. Toggl Plan

Toggl plan project management software tool

It was earlier called Teamweek. This project management software tool is highly visual & allows viewing your tam’s progress & workload, using a single dashboard. If you prefer Gantt Charts, then you are sure to love this tool. You can use drag & drop functionality to develop color-coded timelines. This allows proper & advance planning along with team members & managers. You can also get to see the next week, month & year’s workload. The Gantt-style visualization offered by this tool allows different departments to work together. You can manage as well as to measure independence between different teams. This tool focuses on scheduling & planning. However, you will not be able to manage communication or invite clients within this platform. But you will be able to integrate various other tools like Trello alternative, Basecamp, Evernote, Github & Slack.

You can implement any of the above-mentioned project management software tools to achieve project success.

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