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Best Personalized Corporate Gifts for Techies

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Personalized gifts are a wonderful idea to represent love and affection for the techies and employees. Employee gifts hold maximum significance in workplaces because they can boost employee morale. Holiday gifts for employees are often given to the workers that promote prosperous and harmonious work culture. In addition to this, holiday gifts for employees should be designed to cater to vacation requirements and leisure. Employee gifts and employee holiday gifts act as a treat for the employees and tech experts which helps to acknowledge them and increase their motivation.

Techies play a significant role in the workforce. They are enthusiastic about computing and technology and work in the Information Technology department of an organization. Companies usually utilize various corporate gift ideas for employee gifts and also provide employee holiday gifts to retain and appreciate the techies. Among all the employee gifts personalized and customized gifts are highly valuable for the techies:

Following are some best personalized corporate gift ideas for techies:

1. Wearable and smartwatches:

Smartwatches and wearables are a wonderful corporate gift idea for techies and employees. Companies personalize these smartwatches and wearables for the techies to make them more valuable. The watches can be paired with smartphones that receive alerts and notifications and make them easier to respond to. Technical experts love to interact with the world and smartwatches are an excellent solution to it. The personalized watches can also be added to corporate gift baskets as a holiday gift for the employees. Due to the geeky look, and sleek and attractive appearance of smartwatches they gave been gaining popularity as employee gifts day by day.

2. Earbuds:

Wireless earphones can not only be used to listen to music but help during travel and driving in the holidays. They make your hands free while carrying luggage, driving, and doing a variety of activities. Customization of earbuds can turn them into an important employee gift for the techies of the company. The sleek design helps in noise isolation which helps to enjoy the sound.

3. Extra wages:

Bonuses can be given as an employee gift or an employee holiday gift. Techies may require extra wages because of travel and shopping during the vacation. For this reason, many companies provide bonuses to the workers. Bonuses act as a token of appreciation for the hard work and struggle of the employees and technical team for the whole year.

4. Headphones:

Considering personalized gift ideas for the techies, headphones are always a good option. Headphones make a pretty solid gift as they can help technical employees and workers through many life events such as vacations, traveling, working, and other stress-relieving activities. In this time days seem longer when working from home, these are comfortable to wear from morning to night. We can also customize them according to companies preference. Logos are often imprinted on the headphones which enhances the charm of this employee gift.

Best personalized corporate gift idea-headphones

5. Corporate gift basket/swag box:

Corporate gift baskets serve a dual function because the products inside the baskets are usually imprinted with the company’s logo which helps in promotional activities. The logos can be engraved on coffee jars, mugs, water bottles, decorations, colorful straws, wall clocks, and stationery. Personalized stationery, mugs, earbuds, diaries, USBs, and wearables can be a significant part of a swag box made for a techie.

Personalized corporate gift basket/swag box made for a techie

6. Personalized shields:

Personalized shields can be easily be customized as an employee gift for the techies and play an active role in enhancing employee’s attention at work. Companies can also give personalized steel or wooden shields to their experienced workers and IT professionals as a token of appreciation. The shields contain important information such as name and designation which is placed on the employee’s desk. These shields are often given as corporate gifts to thank workers for their perseverance and loyalty towards the business.

7. Personalized wallets and bags:

Organizations can provide customized bags, totes, and wallets as personalized gifts to the techies. They can be added to the company’s swag basket. The name and designations of the employees can be imprinted on wallets which increases the influence of the company. Techies can utilize the personalized bags for carrying technical supplies, drives, and USBs.

Another excellent personalized gift is a customized phone case. However, it can be a little tricky to get the right phone case for your employees as they likely use different phone models. To make this work, team leaders or supervisors need to list down their team members’ phone models before placing an order. If done right, everyone will receive an awesome phone case gift that’s the perfect fit for their gadgets.

Personalized gifts differ from promotional gifts which are defined as items that are used for brand promotion, communication, and marketing purposes. Personalized gifts are unique custom-made employee gifts given to express love and affection. Techies are the part of the workforce who help to communicate with the world through their technological skills. Therefore, it is recommended for them to invest in employee gifts, and employee holiday gifts for the techies to retain and motivate them.

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