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Best Marketing Automation Tools for Small Business    

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Marketing automation software uses automation scales for marketing with minimal effort and time. The companies using this software nurture leads as the workflow gets set. Small businesses get better results and perform the same as the larger companies, even without a team and budget. Marketing tasks are countless, and they automate from team management to email workflows and lead generation.

A few of the best marketing automation tools

 1. HubSpot

Hubspot marketing automation tools

HubSpot has everything a bit and does it on a surface level. It is inbound marketing software offering various tools, and one of them is marketing automation. It is convenient and offers an all-in-one approach.

HubSpot is the best marketing platform providing additional functionality that is beyond email marketing. As an all-in-one tool offering the basic functionality of different marketing systems, a good option is HubSpot.

2. Moosend

Moosend marketing automation tools

Moosend is all-in-one marketing automation software. The platform is designed to assist the growth of businesses. It has a large presence online. There is a benefit besides email marketing automation. It features user and website tracking, list segmentation, advanced reporting, data analytics, and A/B testing.

Moosend allows using data to grow around the clock using the mailing list. There is the advantage of gaining real-time instant analytics and working on marketing strategies.

3. EngageBay


EngageBay is a simple marketing automation tool that lets you automate lead capture, nurture, and email marketing. You can set up different automated sequential workflows that help you to qualify leads right away. Once the lead is qualified, it can be transferred to your CRM.

EngageBay is the complete, end-to-end business engagement platform that allows organizations to track customers interactions across channels and prompt customers at each interaction for additional customer data. EngageBay also provides analytics tools to better understand the data and insights to make business decisions based on these insights and data.

4. Marketo

Marketo best marketing automation tools

Marketo is the best marketing automation tools. It is one of the mature tools featuring a full suite to help marketers in managing email campaigns. It also provides amazing tools to help the sales teams. There will be dozens of integrations with LaunchPoint, a marketplace of Marketo.

Marketo is marketing automation software, great for companies. It allows people to use many features and is also a cost-effective tool, though not the cheapest. If your idea is not looking for advanced functionality, Marketo is suitable to get the required results. It is an ideal place to initiate using Marketo as a tool.

5. Buffer

Buffer automation tool

Buffer is a marketing automation tool. It offers brand-building tools to build genuine engagement and to tell stories on various social media platforms to your audience. Buffer maximizes engagement at the right time by publishing the content.

Buffer marketing automation tools list automates the monitoring, analytics, and content publishing on social media. Using analytics helps in growing the audience in your social media. With Buffer, you can coordinate with teams and offer customer support or work on different tasks. Use this tool to increase efficiency.

6. Userfox/Adroll

Userfox marketing automation tools

Userfox is a new player in this space of marketing automation. It is acquired by AdRoll that the combination with the Userfox team will introduce exciting things for future products.

Userfox primarily works suitably with tech companies and it means you will in good company. Userfox is designed for email-based events and is a lightweight interface. People wanting more than mere pageviews will like to have Userfox. It proves to be the best marketing platform.

7. Customer.io

Customer. Io marketing automation softwareCustomer.io is popular among the marketing automation tools list. It is one of the tools allowing getting all you want. It is not an out-of-the-box solution, but you can customize Customer.io. Another advantage of this tool is the lightweight and fast UI, besides personal customer support.

There are newer players and Customer.io is one of the marketing automation software. It grows quickly and is worth watching. Customer.io, like other older tools, triggers emails based on events.  It is ideal for companies that have recently started and will appreciate a lightweight UI as marketing automation. It is also appropriate for companies requiring advanced functionality with customization and flexibility. It helps to devote developer resources.

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