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Best Free Asset Tracking Software

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You need to implement the best asset tracking software in your business. It can help you to know where your company’s funds are going. You can now track software number purchases made throughout the year. Thus, you can allocate accurately more funds for IT resources. Similarly monitoring hardware asset utilization helps determine whether you should sell off unused or buy new physical assets.

Using the traditional method of Excel-based spreadsheets to track assets will only be waste of precious time. There can also be lots of human errors that can otherwise be avoided by using custom management software. Choosing the right one is sure to help centralize asset data. Using an individual centralized system, you can now monitor crucial asset related data.

Being a first-timer, you mind find it confusing as to which asset tracking software to use in your business. Custom software does involve spending lots of money and will require frequent upgrades. You need to first know which one will suit your specific business needs. Hence, first, explore available free options and get to know which tool will be just perfect for your business.

Three best asset management software to consider

1. Reftab:

Reftab asset management software

It is considered to be popular cloud-based asset management software designed to monitor your IT asset details. It also manages license renewals and periodic maintenance. You can derive several features from this software like inventory management, asset license tracking, role-based user permissions, reporting and maintenance work-order management. This tool also allows you to come up with customizable work orders to ensure enhanced maintenance management. Also is offered Android & iOS mobile apps. It is used to upload images, scan barcodes, develop work orders and add information even on the move.

     1. Paid Plan: Costing just around $30 a month, you get salient features like email alerts, unlimited accessory tracking and supports unlimited users.
     2. Free Plan: The paid IT Asset Management software version supports to about 50 assets. It comes with features like personalized asset status labels, reporting, ability to export/import data.

2. IT Asset Tool

It asset tool asset management software

It is regarded to be an on-premise software and hardware asset tracking Its function is to monitor your organization’s virtual and physical assets. It even tracks details of software assets like asset version, license renewal dates and network host name. This software is designed to track manufacturing details, processing power and asset model name concerning hardware assets. You can also develop asset status reports. It supports exporting the reports in PDF version.

     1. Paid Plans: License fee for 1 year costs around $18. On annual renewal, you get to enjoy 50% discount.
     2. Free Plan: This Asset Tracking Software supports approximately 35 assets. It offers features like software/hardware inventory management email-based security event notifications and security event monitoring.

3. AssetTiger:

Assettiger asset tracking software

This Cloud-based IT asset management system is designed to track software and hardware asset status. It comes with features like asset lifecycle tracking, barcode scanning, reports on contractual due dates and licenses including preventive maintenance management. It also allows unlimited user addition to the account, providing access rights with full administrator permissions or limited viewing. You can also create email alerts to derive details like model name and asset price. Also is offered dedicated Android and iOS apps to scan barcodes and capture images with your mobile phone.

    1. Paid plans: Basic subscription plan is around $100 a year, providing support to about 500 assets. Basic Tag purchase plan is approximately priced $150 annually, supporting about 500 assets.
    2. Free plan: It supports about 250 assets, but is devoid of feature limitations.

Therefore, getting to know the best asset management software available for free in details will allow you to choose the most appropriate one.

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