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Benefits of SMS marketing for your business

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Customer communications has only become all the more important in today’s digital age. With intense competition and customer having the last day, every company needs to be aggressive in its marketing effort. But then, it is necessary to devise a strategy where the desired message is sent across to the potential customer directly. This is where text marketing scores over other programs.

SMS marketing and its Advantages

1. Cost-effective:

Sending text is very cheap, be it when sent to an individual or a group. It is quite affordable when compared to other available marketing options present like purchasing Facebook ad spot. Startups can find this strategy beneficial as they can make their targeted clients aware of their presence. For this, very less amount will have to be spent.

2. Higher open rate:

Higher open rate

Opening rate of text by users is approximately 98%. Chances are very high of emails getting lost among the spam folders. However, mobile phones are the most preferred mode of communication and so is texting. It also forms a wonderful Global marketing strategy for small and medium businesses. Texts are likely to be read by the recipients. Hence, SMSing should be given a try.

3. Reach wide demographic:

People nowadays own more than one phone. Text marketing can help wide customer demographic. Individual marketing strategy, rather lays emphasizes on reach just a single section of the demographic. On the other hand, text marketing can help reach a wider base which will prove to be more beneficial for the company. It also makes Contacting businesses much easier and quicker. Thus, your customers tend to get more exposure. It will only mean more sales and revenue.

4. Mobile-Friendly:

It is crucial for businesses to be presented as mobile-friendly. People are increasingly using mobile phones to browse for information and to shop. Text marketing can help your business to become mobile-friendly while proving to be a bigger asset for mobile-marketing strategy.

5. Fast delivery:

When SMSing is concerned, no wait time is present. Hitting the send button makes your message to enter the SMS inbox of the targeted client. This way, customer communications is improved, something you can be sure of. Such ad type requires very little prep time. No printing or materials will have to be collected, people contacted or designs completed. Moreover, customers can get to see time-sensitive messages quickly and take appropriate CTA.

6. Works with various other marketing forms:

Besides using it alone for advertising your brand, it also can be used along with other Global marketing Customers can be sent the desired message easily and quickly. Implementing this strategy can help get more number of customers to get connected with your company in social media. You can even promote a new launch or offer discounts to those interested to shop through your site.

7. Customers may opt-in:

Customers should be provided with numerous options. Sending across mass text messages will be a great idea. Provide them with latest news on current business ventures. Allow customers to determine if they prefer to opt-in. This way, they can feel quite comfortable Contacting businesses and dealing with them.

8. Strengthens customer engagement:

Text messaging allows engaging more with your customers. They can also derive a better way to engage effectively with your business. Moreover, they get easy access to your business and remember you for a long time.

9. Customizable and Flexible:

Text marketing is quite versatile. It is possible to mix-match text messages, thereby fitting with numerous things to boost your business. It allows you to provide temporary discount, announce a sale or new launch, reward loyal customers, share news, etc.

The fact SMS marketing is a wonderful tool to promote both small and big businesses. It should be adopted immediately to witness quick results.

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