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Apple Acknowledges That A Problem And A Few Apps Are To Blame For The Overheating Of Iphone 15 Models

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Following allegations that some of its new iPhone 15 models are overheating, Apple is developing a software remedy.

According to the business, the current overheating issues do not pose a safety risk and will not have an influence on the performance of affected iPhone models in the long run. The fact that components within iPhones have internal safeguards to assist in reducing temperature if it rises too high was also emphasized.

Apple also disclosed to Media Outlet that a number of factors are heating up for its next-generation range. Following the September 22 release of the newest iPhones, user complaints began to surface.

Apple is creating a software fix in response to claims that some of its new iPhone 15 models are overheating.

The company claims that the current overheating problems do not present a safety risk and will not ultimately harm the performance of the affected iPhone models. It was also stressed that inherent safeguards in iPhone components help lower temperature if it goes too high.

Apple also told Media Outlet that a number of things are heating up for its upcoming line of products. User concerns started to appear when the newest iPhones were released on September 22.

Iphone 15 models newest iphones

It said that it had found a fault in iOS 17 that was affecting some users and intended to release a software update to fix it. Regarding the release date of the repair, it provided no comments.

Additionally, Apple warned that due to “increased background activity,” the device may feel warmer in the days immediately following setup or restoration.

Users are cautioned on Apple’s support page that utilizing graphically demanding apps, streaming high-definition video, and wirelessly charging a device can cause it to become hotter.

According to the company’s website, “These conditions are normal, and your device will return to a regular temperature when the process is finished or when you finish your activity.” “You can continue using your device if it doesn’t display a temperature alert.

The announcement comes as the 15-inch iPhone seems to be in high demand. Prior to launch day, experts at companies like Wedbush Securities claimed that pre-orders for the iPhone 15 were doing better than anticipated, with strong demand for its high-end iPhone 15 Pro products, particularly the Pro Max. For a number of Pro models, delivery and shipment dates have been moved from late October to mid-November.

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