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A List of The Most Essential Cloud-Based Tools for SMBs

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Advanced technology has enabled businesses to cross their geographical boundaries. It has also made it possible for companies to reach their customers right at their doorstep. There have been launched several cloud-based tools using which small businesses can enhance work efficiency. Moreover, business operations have become much smoother and affordable. There are lots of benefits to be derived by implementing Cloud software in your business.

Which SaaS to implement in your business?

SaaS or Software-as-a-Service is commonly used for cloud computing by most small businesses. A few applications can be availed on subscription basis. This software is constantly updated and there is no need to set up an IT department at every branch office.

Top Cloud based tools for SMBs

1. Adobe FormsCentral:

Adobe formscentral cloud-based tools

With this tool, you can easily develop interactive online forms. Subscribers will also get quick access to data analysis tools. You may analyze its Business Intelligence data and use it on email, Twitter, Facebook Pages and websites immediately. Its monthly price is $0 to $11.99.

2. Office 365:

Office365 cloud based tools for smbs

It is MS Office suite’s cloud-based version and is offered in different packages. You need to select the most appropriate one based on your business needs. You can select Office products to use it on different devices and platforms or seek collaboration ability. Its monthly price per user is $5 to $15.

3. QualysGuard Express Lite:

Qualysguard express lite cloud based software

This Cloud based software is aggressively promoted as ‘all-in-one cloud-based suite providing compliance and security solutions exclusively for small businesses’. As an entrepreneur, you can now monitor your websites, internet parameter servers and apps. Thus, you can rest assure that they are secure and updated. This cloud tool does not require any installation or maintenance. It does ensure PCI compliance while allowing you to be current with the state-of-the-art security patches. Price starts at $795.

4. FreshBooks:

Freshbooks service-based smbs

Being among the most sought-after top cloud tools, it is quite simple to use. It makes receiving, sending, paying and printing invoices an easy and quick task to accomplish without facing any difficulty. It enjoys more paying subscribers and is undoubtedly a must have for small businesses. It supports about 25 clients with per month rates starting at just $19.95. Service-based SMBs can find it cost-effective. They can effortlessly manage their expenses, time as well as collect online payments through eCheck, PayPal or credit card.

5. Salesforce Professional Edition:

Salesforce professional edition cloud based software

This Cloud based software is considered to be a leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It entails almost interaction aspects between customers and the company. It also includes service and sales. It also provides analytics, full reporting, sales forecasts, email marketing, etc. The popular choice for most SMBs is the ‘Professional Edition’. Per month, per user charges are $25.

6. Cisco WebEx:

Cisco webex web-based conferencing

The free, basic one host plan can support three people per meeting. Such cloud based tools do ensure offering no-hassle opportunity to small businesses. Hence, it allows you to derive web-based conferencing with limited test group while providing several paid plans. Per month, per host plans range between $0 and $89. As you may require everything within a single location, it allows easy sharing, collaboration and meeting. With ‘Meeting Spaces’ you can publish an agenda including pertinent files before starting the meeting.

7. QuickBooks Online Plus:

Quickbooks online plus cloud based software

If you are searching for the top cloud tools, then QuickBooks Online Plus can be a wonderful addition. It is the perfect choice for limited product-based or small service-based business. You can enjoy greater mobile access including basic time billing and payroll facilities. It also has an easy to understand dashboard with clearly explained features. Prices per month are around $39.95.

Selecting the perfect cloud based tools for SMBs is essential to take your business to a higher level.

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