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9 Amazing Laravel Features that every developer must know

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If you are an IT geek or leading an IT enterprise, you must know there are so many frameworks available in the market, especially in PHP for you to make the right choice for your web development requirements. However, out of all, Laravel has been hailed as one of the most effective platforms for alleviating the agony associated with providing advanced app development services.

The Laravel PHP framework is one of the most well-known and widely used web development languages for developing strong and scalable applications with a variety of sophisticated features.

One of the reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework for web development is that it’s a free and open-source PHP web framework that has its source code posted on GitHub and is licensed under the MIT License. This platform substantially contributes to reusing existing components from other frameworks and deploying them for web application development.

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Table of Content:

  • Introduction
  • Which PHP framework is the best? – Laravel vs. CodeIgniter.
  • Is Laravel still relevant in 2021?
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Laravel PHP Framework in 2021
  • The Top Ten Features of Laravel You Should Be Aware Of
  • Concluding the Laravel features

Additionally, it includes scalable Laravel features that aid in the growth of your brand. It expands your business and career prospects. You won’t have to compromise on quality here, as you’ll receive a sturdy application with distinctive architecture.

For understanding the significance of Laravel, let us compare it with CodeIgniter, which is another PHP framework!

Which PHP framework is the best? – Laravel vs. CodeIgniter.

Both have their own inherent strengths. However, for a more extensive explanation, you may read here to help you make the ultimate decision about which PHP framework to use when developing any application.

Who makes use of Laravel?

Several well-known companies utilize Laravel, including the following:

  • MasterCard
  • 9GAG
  • RazorPay
  • Kmong
  • Bitpanda
  • Stack primary and others

Is Laravel still relevant in 2021?

Yes, because Laravel’s PHP framework outperforms all other web development platforms. It has dominated the web development market tremendously by introducing an agile methodology for business development.

However, with the release of the current stable version of Laravel 8, PHP has enabled additional features of Laravel to rapidly address faults and resolve errors.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Laravel PHP Framework in 2021

Laravel is the most popular framework on the market today, with one in every five developers relying on it. Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Laravel PHP Framework.

Advantages and disadvantages of the laravel php framework in 2021 laravel php framework

Pros of  PHP Laravel framework:

  • Contributes to the creation and configuration of numerous cache configurations
  • It enables reverse routing for the purpose of building links and inserting requested URLs.
  • Integrates with email providers to keep users informed of new offers
  • Without initializing the external libraries

Cons of PHP Laravel framework:

  • Laravel is a bit complicated, particularly for inexperienced or naive developers.
  • It necessitates a greater amount of glue code and configuration.
  • It is deficient in an integrated support system.
  • With certain enhancements, it appears to be difficult.

Laravel Development Market Overview

Taylor Otwell founded the Laravel platform in June 2011 with the goal of writing the simplest code possible in an expressive manner.

Did you know that 38,894 businesses use Laravel? And, according to the study, it is certain to become steeper as a result of the technological revolution.

It performs optimally in terms of codebase abstraction and authorization technique, which is why it is so popular and long-lasting.

Let’s take a closer look at the PHP Laravel Framework features-

The Top 9 Features of Laravel You Should Be Aware Of

1. Engine of Templates

Laravel is a leading PHP framework that has pre-built templates that are naturally minimal in weight. This enables you to construct an excellent layout using the most revolutionary content seeding techniques.

Blade is a simple yet powerful Laravel template engine that allows you to use plain PHP code in your views.

  • Includes a variety of widgets with JS and CSS code.
  • Contributes to the creation of interesting content from the start
  • There are numerous company templates accessible.

2. Pagination Automatically

Automatic Pagination is a very popular feature of Laravel.

It reduces the amount of time required to write the code because PHP Framework Laravel includes in-built pagination.

3. MVC structure

Are you aware that PHP is the best-supported language for the Laravel MVC Framework? This enables you to easily create both small and large applications.

Additionally, this model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern enables you to tailor the application’s design, thereby strengthening your brand’s positioning.

You can simply manage a large amount of unstructured code, which streamlines the development process.

However, what is the new MVC 6 features?

  • It is compatible with OWIN.
  • Capable of developing cloud-optimized applications
  • By reloading the Roslyn Compiler, you can edit and view the code file.
  • It’s simple to incorporate your own dependency injection container.

4. Command-line interface for Artisan (CLI)

Are you aware that Laravel’s architecture includes its own Artisan command-line interface (CLI) for facilitating data movement during the development stage?

By removing onerous and repetitive coding techniques, Laravel’s new capabilities streamline the process of creating skeleton scripts, controllers, and models.

This is one of the nicest Laravel features since it simplifies the documentation process for applications that require authentication.

Artisan CLI is a command-line interface that is powered by the robust Symfony Console component.

5. Routing in Laravel

Routing is critical in defining the channels via which your site requires authentication. This property is used to associate Application URLs with a particular controller view or action.

Are you familiar with Laravel 5.4?

To begin, it defines the route files and takes the URL and Closure function into account.

6. Testing at the unit level

When it comes to unit testing, Laravel is the clear winner. It is developer-friendly and assists developers in doing various tests. Simultaneously, Laravel ensures that when you make new modifications, the old model does not brake suddenly.

  • That is what distinguishes Laravel as the industry’s most stable release.
  • Unit testing enables you to quickly identify flaws.
  • It helps you save money and time while also increasing code coverage.
  • Contributes to the evaluation of performance

7. Extremely Secure

Any development framework’s primary priority is application security. However, by implementing Laravel best practices, the possibility of danger is minimized by supplying CSRF tokens.

These tokens validate each demand on the POST and protect against anyone modifying the POST in order to GET the demand.

Additionally, it generates an encrypted representation of the password using the Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm.

8. Modularity and Libraries

One of Laravel’s benefits is that it provides object-oriented libraries that are simple to parse and implement.

However, some of the more recent features include the following:

  • Verification of the user’s status
  • Protection against CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery)
  • Resetting passwords and encryption
  • Bcrypt cryptographic hashing

Employ the services of a Laravel development company in India to integrate these critical Laravel functionalities into your business application.

9. ORM is eloquent (Object Relational Mapping)

The Laravel Framework has an Eloquent ORM that enables developers to resolve database queries using PHP syntax rather than writing SQL code.

ORM is significantly faster and more efficient than any other PHP framework.

Thus, this Laravel feature maintains object data in memory in relational databases.

Concluding the Laravel features

Thus, the preceding section highlighted all of the Laravel aspects that contribute to its popularity among developers and enterprises due to its distinctive, frictionless, and adaptable approach to solution development.

It paved the way for the development of a dynamic, user-responsive website featuring a customized, lightweight template. Without worrying about stability, you may seek ready-to-use plugins and robust object-relational mapping.

As a result, consider integrating Laravel into your next development project. This is the ideal time to distinguish your organisation from the competition. You can reach out to us immediately.

I hope you find a reputable PHP development company that specializes in web and mobile application development to help you stay ahead of industry problems. Therefore, always hire Laravel developers who can work diligently to stay ahead of the competition.

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  1. The preceding section highlighted all of the Laravel aspects that contribute to its popularity among developers and enterprises due to its distinctive, frictionless, and adaptable approach to solution development.


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