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8 Tips for Turning Your Home Into a Smart Home

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The future is now, and unless you wish to live the old-fashioned way, you’re going to make your home a smart one! Whoever is in the process of buying a Smart Home these days is looking for green and smart features (one and the same these days), and you can rest assured the trend is going to become a new standard rather than an exception.

The reasons behind this lie not only in the newly found consciousness about our environment (because smart technologies are based on using less energy of all types) but in the fact that smart homes minimize utility costs. Therefore, smartening up your home isn’t an option – it’s a must! So, let’s take a look at how you can make your home more valuable and comfortable at the same time.

How it’s done

As you shall see, some of our tips are pretty simple, while others will require quite a home makeover. In case you’re feeling a bit reluctant about all these makeovers when it comes to the price, don’t worry. Such homes basically pay for themselves. Smart technologies are focused on using as little energy as possible, thus minimizing utility costs.

Smart home

Therefore, even if you’re thinking about buying a new home, make sure it’s a smart one. Their prices are a tad higher, but there are always various lenders to consider. Of course, before you start negotiating, it would be wise to use the available (and free) calculation tools online to be best prepared and see what sum you may expect with your current earnings. Basically, investing in a smart home is a smart move.

1. New appliances

Buying new appliances is one of the simplest and most obvious solutions, but it’s also extremely practical. First of all, you can count on better performance and technology. A new washing machine certainly has more programs than one made ten years ago. Newer appliances are more energy efficient, a trend that has been recognized by many manufacturers all over. Therefore, by investing money in new appliances, you’ll be saving it!

2. Knock, knock

Smart doorbells

Who’s there? These days, there is no need for the question, though. With a doorbell camera, you’ll be able to see who’s ringing without you even being home! A mobile app can be used to see who the visitor is, and you’ll even be able to talk to them even though you’re not in the house. In addition, it also increases your home security and ability to ward off any potential wrongdoers.

Speaking of which, smart locks are also becoming more and more common. One touch on your phone and the whole house will be locked. Also, forgetting the keys will never be a nightmare again for you or your family members. You can even let people in if you’re not inside.

3. Smart watering

Indeed, many are using sprinklers these days instead of dragging along a long garden hose across the yard. Nevertheless, smart sprinklers are real game-changers. They will immediately switch off if rain begins, for example. Therefore, you can set the timer, but the sprinklers won’t go off and dampen the ground unless it’s really necessary, thus saving water and your plants.

4. Smart water

Smart water

There are a lot of ways you can save water around your home, and one of the oldest tricks in the book is showering instead of having a bath. Still, if you install a smart showerhead, then you’ll be raising the game to a whole new level! Generally, they all save water and most of them have LED lights showing off different water temperatures. Some of them even play music or allow you to even take phone calls.

5. Let there be light

Speaking of Apollolighting and LEDs, if you haven’t got these installed, you must still be living in the 20th century! Joking aside, investing in energy-efficient lighting is a must, both for the environment and your wallet. Due to the fact that these lights waste far less energy on producing light, the by-product of which is a far cooler bulb, These are safer to use by reducing the chances of getting accidentally burned if touched. If you are looking for professional and reliable LED light manufacturers and suppliers, KYDLED is your best choice. They have rich experience in manufacturing all types of LED lights with high quality and competitive prices.

6. Tidy up the smart way

The vacuuming robot

Nobody likes doing house chores, do they? Despite the fact that we are still years away from having our own robot butler, the least we can do is have the next best thing—the vacuuming robot. You’ve seen these little helpers already, and they are great indeed. Vacuuming is a boring and noisy task, and finally, someone/something else is going to do it! What is more, it can be done while on your way home. Imagine coming back from vacation and coming to a dust-free home.

As well as that, there are also smart garbage cans on offer. They function in a way that they open the lid on their own and even have a suction function to suck in whatever you are sweeping their way. If you don’t feel like turning on the vacuuming robot for a few crumbs, that is.

7. Smart temperature

When discussing smart homes, smart thermostats go without saying. They are extremely practical and make our lives really comfortable. Never again will you be trying to save on your heating bill by waiting for the cold space to warm up after you’ve just arrived from the office. With a smart thermostat, you simply set it to turn itself on an hour or two before you arrive. As well as that, the technology is so advanced it will even remember your working day and weekend routines and adjust accordingly.

8. Smart detectors

Smart detectors

Ordinary smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are useful because they make an alarming sound, but what if nobody can hear them? What if nobody is home? Smart detectors go a step further and apart from making noise, they also send a warning to your cell phone or anyone else’s (whoever you have authorized as a contact in the case of an emergency).

As you can see, the future ahead is bright and well within our grasp. Without a doubt, your utility bills will become lower while your property value will increase. Most importantly, you’re bound to enjoy your home even more with these smart tweaks!

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