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7 Ways To Encourage Staff Back Into The Office And Develop A True Hybrid Workplace

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A true hybrid workplace is a place where employees are encouraged to work from home, onsite or both. This allows businesses to better meet the needs of their employees and clients, while also allowing employers to reduce overhead costs and make better use of space.

To develop a true hybrid workplace, here are seven ways you can encourage staff back into the office and develop a true hybrid workplace:

1. Have a clear return-to-work process

The first step is to create a formalized return-to-work process that outlines what everyone needs to do, when and where they need to be at. The most successful ones include:

  • A defined return-to-work period (which could be anything between one day and three months)
  • A set of steps which will allow employees to move through their transition from home back into the office without feeling lost or overwhelmed. This can include things like: picking up their desk, accessing email, checking in with colleagues and supervisors, etc.

2. Create flexible working hours

By offering flexible working hours, you’re giving your employees the freedom to work when it’s most convenient for them – whether that’s before or after school, during evenings or weekends. Your employees will then have more time at their disposal to spend with family members or get outside in nature.

Create flexible working hours hybrid workplace

3. Create a clear, easy-to-understand vision

It’s critical to be clear about what you want your hybrid workplace to look like and feel like. You need to have an idea of the kind of people you want in your business and what they’ll be doing. How do you want them to communicate? What sort of physical space do you want them to work in?

It can be difficult to get everyone on board with your vision, but if they’re not clear on what you’re trying to achieve, then there is no way they can contribute effectively. They’re also less likely to feel invested in the company as a whole if they don’t know why they’re there or what their role is supposed to look like.

4. Offer flexibility

When employees feel like they have the freedom to work from wherever they want, they are more likely to be productive and reach their full potential as an employee of yours. Encourage them by offering flexible working hours or allowing them to work from home on occasion if it suits their lifestyle better. By allowing flexibility in your company culture, you will see more engagement from your team members and higher levels of productivity as well.

Flexibility should also focus on reducing costs. Reduce travel costs by allowing staff to telecommute or come into the office on certain days (for example, if they have appointments). You can help reduce travel costs by providing discounts on public transport passes for staff who drive themselves around the city each day and arrange car parking in the vicinity of your building for those who don’t own one yet.

5. Provide opportunities for growth through training programs

When it comes to staying productive and engaged in the office, there are many ways that you can help your employees get back into the office without having to work harder and longer. By providing training programs and opportunities for growth, you’re able to keep your employees engaged and happy while they’re still productive. If they have a job that allows them to grow, then they’ll be more likely to stay in the office instead of going home early or leaving early because their job isn’t challenging enough.

6. Encourage outside-the-box thinking

Encourage outside the box thinking hybrid workplace

Employees need more than just routine tasks at work. They need something exciting and new every day if they’re going to stay engaged and motivated throughout the day – both mentally and physically! If you want your employees’ productivity levels up, then don’t be afraid of trying something different every now and again.

7. Create a fun place for your employees

It’s important that your staff are happy at work and feel like they want to be there because they enjoy doing the job and helping people. The best way to do this is by creating a fun space where employees can go and raise their energy levels during the day. That way they’re not just sitting around doing nothing all day but instead getting creative on projects or collaborating with colleagues on projects together.



7 ways to encourage staff back into the office and develop a true hybrid workplace

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