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7 Ways to Build Your Customers Confidence for Your Brand

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If there is anything that should be the top priority for you as a business, it is building up confidence with the consumer for your brand. If it were not for these consumers you would not have that business, would you? Building trust and confidence among your customers isn’t an easy task. You can provide each one of them free samples or good discount but on the contrary, you will result in a loss. So, how can you build a strong brand without scarifying much from your bank balance?

You don’t have to operate at a loss so as to build this much-needed confidence. Here is a list of ways that when adopted will build confidence in consumers and your brand will be a “hot” sale.

1. People Trust People

You have had an incidence that needed you to contact a customer support team either by email or call, right?  We can all agree on one thing; no one likes to get a response from an automated email. Hey, it’s a fact nobody would understand you better than another human being (not a robot or automated voice). In order to build good consumer relation, your business needs to have a reliable customer support team. The task of customer service should then be issued to highly skilled personnel to handle the queries and concerns both online and on calls, on a 24hour basis.

I understand having a 24 hours’ customer service would mean an extra cost. But! The cost is totally worth it. You shall build long lasting confidence with your consumers.

2. Goals Beyond Profit

So which are these goals? To begin with, you need to ensure that you provide high-quality products. I understand providing high-quality products will come at an extra cost but with quality products, nothing can go wrong.

What happens if you buy a product and it pleases you? You will advise your friend to try the product. By providing high-quality products you are basically marketing your own brands and most importantly building consumer’s confidence in this brand.

It is good ethic to include the side effects of the product either on the product label or using any other means. If I deal with mobile phones, why should I tell the customer that retina displays mobile phones can cause eye problems? Will this not discourage the customer from buying the product? On the contrary, you are winning the trust of the customer. By actually having your customers know the side effects of watching movies and videos on mobile phones for a longer duration; you are actually building confidence for your brand as it’s not only your product (mobile phones) that is using a retina display.

Psychologically, now, the customer will have more trust in your brand and salesmanship. Maybe they won’t buy your brand’s mobile phone right then, but they definitely think of buying it later on.

3. Seek Feedback And Accept Mistakes

Why should you hide your contact information? This information should be laid out in the open and if possible included on the product label. By displaying contact information customer can use it to give feedbacks on the product. And. You should be willing to accept mistakes. Yes! When criticized you should take it in a positive manner and actually make efforts to rectify the mistake. It will build long-term trust and confidence with consumers.

And. Of cos, you need this customer to buy the product from you “tomorrow”, don’t you?

4. Maintain Relationships

If a customer contacts your support team with a query or issues concerning a product. It is your obligation to follow up and inquire if this particular consumer actually got the assistance they needed. This enables you to maintain a healthy relationship with the customer and will build the much-needed confidence. By so doing you will win the heart of your customer.

5. Use The Social Media Platform

Social media? Heck yeah. We are living in a generation where even kids as young as 9 years old are on the social media platform. When I was this age the only “social media” I knew was playing with other kids.

And. How do social media platform build consumer confidence for your brand? It is in social media where you can get feedback from many customers at the same time. Also, you can use the social media platform to educate your fans on the product. This will build confidence for your brand at no significant marketing cost.

6. Ease of Payment

We are living in a generation where cases of online theft are on rising. The majority of the customers would like to make purchases online. Hey, who wouldn’t want to buy a product while just seated at home on a couch watching TV? But, with the increased cases of online theft and account hacking, customers shy off from using this platform.

So what should be done? As a business, you should ensure you have multiple secure payment options available both online and offline. This will help build trust on the consumer.

7. Transparency

In order to build confidence with the consumers, you need to have transparency in your business. Consumers need to know how the products are made. Many companies don’t feel comfortable in doing it. Thus, it’s a weak point where you can grab the customer’s confidence.

You should occasionally have days where you invite the general public to your industry for them to see how your products are being made. A guided tour for the general public at your manufacturing plant would make them learn new things and build a strong confidence for your brand.


The consumer is always right. Sounds familiar, right?

As a business, your prime motive and goal should not just be to make profits but to build confidence in the consumers for your brand.

About Author

Hassan Mansoor is the Founder and Director at Technical Minds Web. After completing Masters in Business Administration, he established a small digital marketing agency with the primary focus to help the small business owners to grow their online businesses. he has learned from project management and day to day staff management and staff productivity

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