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7 Useful Types of Lifting Gear to Get Started with Construction

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Residential and commercial construction has plenty of materials that cannot be moved by human effort, hence the need for lifting gear. Lifting gear in construction needs to be able to lift heavy machinery and equipment of immense weight. Below are several lifting gears to get you started in construction.

Chain sling

Chain sling is used when extra strength and durability are required to lift materials. You can use a chain sling to lift odd-shaped, heavy, hard-to-position, or hot materials with the help of cranes or jibs. Chain slings are also appropriate for operations that require repetitive lifting.

Chain sling

There are different chain slings that you can use depending on your construction needs. Moreover, chain sling lifting gear is resistant to cust, tolerant to temperature, and can survive harsh environmental conditions.


Eye Bolts are used in construction as lifting gear. Eyebolt is a mechanical fastener with a shaft as the thread while the head is in the ring. Eye Bolts usually are used to attach an eye to a given structure.

Eye Bolts common application as a lifting gear is to create a lifting eye so that you can attach other lifting gear or machinery such as cranes. Depending on the load, eye bolts are grouped into low-strength eye bolts and high-strength eye bolts.


Shackles are lifting gears that are ideally used with lifting slings or tow ropes to provide an allowance for securely connecting and fastening various loads at construction sites. At the construction sites, shackles can be used for lifting, hoisting, rigging, towing, or pulling. Shackles are of different types, including piling shackles, stainless steel, screw pin shackles, safety pin shackles, green pin shackles, and bow shackles.

Chain blocks

Chain blocks are also referred to as hand chain hosts. As a lifting gear on construction sites, chains are used to lift or lower heavy loads by chains. They consist of a lifting chain and grabbing hooks. Chain blocks can be operated manually or by the use of electricity. Chain blocks also come in varieties for different applications.

Beam clamps

These lifting gears are also known as girder clamps. They are used in construction sites to lift or pull heavy items. They are commonly used where cranes are impractical. One crucial thing about beam clamps is that they are safer to use.

Precast concrete lifting equipment

You can use this lifting gear in lifting or moving the precast concrete on the construction site since concrete is hefty. Such equipment is of different types and includes panel clamp, pipe lift, and barrier lift.

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