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7 Tips to Write the Best Brand Value Proposition

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Either you’re a copywriter who is assigned the task of writing a killer brand value proposition by your CEO, or you own a brand that would need a push for better reach. Whatever your need may be, you’re at the right place. Read on to find out what a branding value proposition is, how to write one, and how not to write one.

What is Brand Value Proposition?

A brand value proposition effectively describes how a brand’s or company’s offerings are different from its competitors.

In layman’s terms, a brand value proposition is simply brand A telling you why you should prefer their products over brand B’s products.

If you think that a brand value proposition is similar to a tagline or mission statement, you’re wrong.

Is the Value Proposition the same as Mission Statement?

No. As said before, a brand value proposition describes how a product from a brand/company tells the customer why they should consider their product. A mission statement, on the other hand, tells the customer what the objectives of an organization are.

Though they can be similar, a value proposition is written with the goal of wooing the customer, while the mission statement is more of a formal declaration about what the organization stands for and what it strives to achieve.

Is a Value Proposition the same as a Slogan?

No. Slogans are short and catchy. Brand value propositions are not. Slogans are used in advertising mediums. A brand/company may create multiple slogans based on different product lines. Brand value propositions don’t usually make it into advertising campaigns.

Is a Value Proposition the same as a Tagline?

No. Taglines are used to describe the brand. Every time you hear them, you get a mental picture of the brand. This is what a tagline does.

Now that you know the differences, let’s dive into some tips on how to write an informative and catchy brand value proposition.

Find your Target Audience and Research

Find your target audience and research brand value proposition

The first step in writing an attractive brand value proposition is to find out for whom you are writing. Knowing your target audience will aid in determining what their needs, challenges, and expectations are. Along with the three, it also identifies how your brand/company is unique from its competitors.

Draw the Value Proposition Canvas

Once you’re done with the research, you can use a handy tool called the proposition canvas. The tool helps in comparing your product and the data you gathered about your target customer base side by side. This step allows you to get a clearer picture of what your customer is looking for in your product.

Use a Template

If creating a canvas isn’t your thing, there’s a much simpler alternative. Just use a template. Many business leaders have drafted easy-to-understand templates that assist businesses and companies in coming up with their own unique brand value propositions.

One example is the template created by Steve Blank. It says, “We help [target customer] do [customer need/problem] by offering [product feature/benefit].” You could simply swap out the data in the brackets with the data relevant to your company, and voila, you’re done.

Use Proper Structure

A brand value proposition usually contains a headline and a sub-headline. Along with those two, it can also have a paragraph of text or visual elements to sell the point.

Additionally, a good brand value proposition also carries other supportive elements like competitor comparisons, screenshots of the product, testimonials from social media, and boosting elements like “free shipping,” “fast shipping/next-day shipping,” “free bonus with a purchase” and so on.

Focus on Clarity

A brand value proposition should be precise and easy to understand. It must be devoid of complex words while delivering your brand/company’s message. If a customer has to use a dictionary to find out what a word(s) means, then you’re doing it wrong.

Find your Brand’s USP

An in-depth analysis of your competitor can aid in finalizing what your unique selling proposition (USP) will be. USP, in this case, doesn’t simply refer to the price difference, though that is important as well. Your research must be able to find out how your brand stands out in terms of usability, functionality, support, and so on when compared side by side with your competitor.

Calm Down

Avoid hype. Do not consider statements like “Never seen before” or “You cannot live without this” in your brand value proposition.

On the topic of things to avoid, do not include superlative terms like “best” and business text like “value-added.” Including words like these makes a brand value proposition looks more like a slogan.

Every brand needs a value proposition. With the right mix of data sourced from extensive research and creative copywriting skills, you can easily draft an attention-grabbing brand value proposition that will promote your brand while getting your brand’s message across at the same time.

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