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7 Tips To Deliver Amazing Live Chat Customer Service

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Many companies, especially those that deal with eCommerce, are adopting live chat customer service. It keeps costs low and provides immediate access to support staff when customers need a quick question answered. Outside of being convenient, live chat customer services offer unique opportunities to create a perfect service experience. you can learn here about how to add live chat to the website

Provide Your Service Staff with Proper Education

The first step to providing excellent service anywhere is to train your support staff across all planes of customer service. This includes the ability to resolve issues as well as the ability to keep customers engaged. Your service staff needs to be able to react to customers appropriately in order to improve their experience. Speaking their language, understanding their needs, and being able to provide excellent solutions can help customer service staff upsell or promote target products during a chat.

2. Greet Them From the Get-Go

Make sure your customers know you’re there. If they aren’t aware that you have live chat available or they don’t understand what it means, they may go poking and prodding around elsewhere in search of information that they need. Have your live chat representatives engage with customers the moment they start browsing the website. Even if they don’t immediately respond, they’ll know how to best find what they need.

3. Run It 24/7

One of the worst mistakes you could make would be to end your live chat at the same time as your regular service hours. Plenty of people are shopping online with you because they don’t have time to make it to your physical location after work. If you do business internationally, people will be popping up at all hours. Make sure there’s someone there for them – hire a night crew.

4. Identify Pain Points Right Away

Pain points can technically be a variety of things. They’re things that are frustrating your customers, needs that aren’t being met, or general confusion about something they don’t understand. Since live chat is a little more informal than a phone call or an in-person conversation, it’s easy to get right to the chase. Your support chat staff have all of the information available, and they can put a bandage right on those pain points, if not heal them entirely.

5. Provide Personalized Service

Your customer service team can use the data they receive in order to personalize the live chat experience from the very beginning. If the person they’re chatting with is already a registered user, most of that information will already be available. Even if they aren’t, your chat staff can still tell where they’re browsing. This eliminates the need for lengthy explanations – your staff can be helpful and friendly with personalized service immediately.

6. Keep Them Interested In Their Carts

Websites deal with cart abandonment in different ways. Some of them send a targeted, action-specific email that reminds potential shoppers that they’ve left items behind in their cart. The only problem with that is that the customer may not see that email until later. If it appears that a cart is about to be abandoned, your support staff can pop up and see why. Did they have too many questions about the products? Were they unaware that you have current promotional or discount codes? Tell them right away.

7. Invite Feedback

People feel safe to gripe on the internet. If your customers have complaints about products, descriptions, services, or the way your site works, encourage them to tell you via live chat software. You can use that feedback to create a better environment, and your customers will take notice. Customers love knowing that their feedback matters.

Don’t forget to allow your customers to tell you how they want to be serviced. Keep adapting your live chat model until you find one that everyone can appreciate. After all, you’re supporting them just as much as they’re supporting you.

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