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7 Steps To Selling a Small Business

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Perhaps, you are one of those businessmen who is affected by the constant shut downs due to Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses sales across the globe have witnessed massive disruption from last year onwards. Although the active rates are declining sharply, there is expected another wave. Also are emerging several other forms of viruses at different corners of the globe that were never heard before. Majority of the small businesses have experienced sharp delaine in their revenue. Many are reported to even have shut down temporarily or permanently due to heavy loss faced during this time. However, a few are found to flourish and enjoy better valuations even during this time. If you are an owner of one such business, then it may be time to consider trying to sell a small business for profits.

Things to consider

If this is what you have in mind, then you should take proper stock of your current market positioning. Also find out how to improve your current operations to ensure customer, employee safety. This should also include those coming into contact with your services or products. People’s purchasing habits and routines seem to have altered significantly. This evolution is likely to throw up plenty of opportunities for those who are ready to implement necessary changes. You should adapt to the ever-changing climate and invest in the latest technologies.

Perhaps, you have already spent a lot of equity, effort and time to grow your business. But now, plan to sell it off without any further thought about retaining it. If so, then your objective is to derive optimum value. To ensure this, consult an experienced broker. They can provide the right process of selling a business and ensure better profits.

7 Easy steps to selling a business

7 easy steps to selling a business

1. Prepare financials:

Take the help your accountant to prepare the financials of your business. It is crucial as any business is typically valued on the profits it manages to generate. Hence, accurate and thorough financials are crucial. It also includes preparation of adjusted profit & loss statement that potential buyers will be interested in.

2. Determine your business worth:

Remember, any business is worth manifolds of the profit it generates. Based on the industry and deal size, it might range around 2 to 10 times its profit. Large businesses of $20+m are likely to experience 5 to 10 times of its profit. Medium sized businesses of $3-20m are likely to derive 3 to 5 times of the profit. Smaller businesses that are worth under $3m derive about 2 to 3 times profit. Equipped with this crucial detail, you can sell a small business for a healthy profit.

3. Create executive summary:

This is another process of selling a business that you should be wary about. This document summarizes concisely and clearly the key points related to your business mission, operations, management, services or products. It also includes financial data and competitive advantages, thus providing an overview to help buyers to know what the offer constitutes.

4. Identity an investment banker or a broker:

Take into consideration your deal size along with different factors like revenue, industry as well as unsolicited offers made by potential buyers. You can get a higher valuation by taking the help of a professional broker or banker. They can provide you with better strategic insights.

Place your business for sale on the market. Seek strategic buyers interested in your business.

5. Negotiate on offers received:

Potential buyers are likely to make offers. Try to negotiate based on your specific expectations around various factors including price.

6. Allow buyer to carry out due diligence:

Generally, buyers receive about 60 to 120 days to verify financials of the business. They check if all information presented is correct or not.

Following the above steps to selling a business will enable you to close the deal in your favor.

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