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7 Pros And Cons Of Using A Virtual Agent For Business

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Why use a virtual agent for business?

Any successful self-service channel requires a virtual agent software implementation. It assures clients receive attention and is accurate at 95%. These solutions decrease training times for agents and ensure a 40% decrease in handling times.

7 Pros and Cons of Using a Virtual Agent for business


1. A highly trained employee‍

If you wish a specific task to be done correctly, outsource AI-powered bots. It is a smart move. They are trained in specific work areas to deliver results and are specialists in particular fields.

2. Improved productivity

The apparent benefit is that you get enough time to focus on developing a business that is only your forte. Outsourcing mundane tasks to machine learning involves scheduling appointments and communicating with customers.  Besides, these virtual agents have plenty of experience, so there is no spending on their training.

3. Available 24/7

A virtual agent improves customer service and is exceptionally good at this job. These agents are available 24×7, ensuring customers receive help anytime.

Available 24/7 virtual agent

4. Enjoy the flexible services‍

A virtual agent can work from home while enjoying the benefits of being an employee at any convenient time. Hiring a virtual agent implies perfect customer relationship management. It is to reach out to clients in different time zones.

5. Handles Multiple Chats

Human beings serve only a restricted number of customers at one time. While virtual agents and AI-powered bots, have no restrictions,. They deal with inquiries simultaneously.

6. Decrease in stress level

A virtual agent does not need to be a full-time employee. You can use the machine learning process in your business to fill the gaps and complete your projects on time. Thus, it gives the impression that you have control over everything and takes away the burden from you.

7. Discover low-cost alternatives

Hiring a virtual agent is best when your funds are limited. It works as a suitable low-cost alternative, and you need not pay for benefits packages.


1. No in-person meetings‍

Speaking while watching a computer screen, chat, or telephone hampers communications. It also leads to miscommunication, besides the technical glitches and power outages that slow down work.

No in person meetings‍ Virtual Agent

2. Language barriers

A virtual agent from a different country or altogether from some foreign country communicating will result in language barriers. Customer relationship management becomes weak and stressful as understanding the speech or cultural norms is difficult.

3. Lack of regular supervision‍

Virtual agents work well and are self-starters when working with deadlines. They face difficulty accomplishing tasks without regular monitoring or supervision.

4. Higher security breach risk

It is challenging to know or trust a virtual agent. They may have stellar qualifications and put your business at risk.

5. Annoying and mechanical

Answering questions without emotion is done mechanically. The machine-learning process keeps the conversation going. Humans are emotional and sensitive as they hear, see, think, and feel. Their emotional intelligence and sensitivity enable them to handle problems they come across. They respond humanely and creatively.

6. Customer Maintenance Difficulty

Communicate with customers and effectively answer their questions.  A chatbot or a virtual agent requires ongoing review, optimization, and maintenance. Hence, once in a while, analyzing common questions and programming corresponding keywords or answers is mandatory for the virtual agent. It is not simple to analyze each conversation and question. It is better to have humans, as they can summarize the questions and think by themselves to help their customers.

7. No problem-solving

Virtual agents deal with normal questions with preset answers. The AI-powered bots are trouble if the inquiries do not have the preset keywords. They fail to address the problem. On the other hand, humans can understand and deliver a better solution.



7 pros and cons of using a virtual agent for business

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