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7 Kinds of Forklifts You Can Rent For Your Next Project

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No matter what project you need a forklift for, you’ll find one if you know what you need. While some work in just about any area, others have limitations. You’ll find that specific machines work in certain areas and other options work better for narrower terrain. It can be challenging to know which option is the best for you to take. However, we have all the information you need to find a forklift rental in Las Vegas.

An Order Picker Helps You Get Things More Easily

If you’re looking for a way to lift your operator to and from your shelves to reach more challenging areas, you’ll want to look into an order picker. What this particular machine will do for you is help get you to those tough-to-reach areas. In addition to this, you’ll be able to pull entire pallets off of a single shelving area.

An Indoor Project Would Benefit From A Stand Up Forklift

If you have an indoor project, you might want to consider a stand-up forklift. The only potential downside to this unique machine is that whoever is operating it will have to get in and out of the machine regularly. That being said, people still like this option because of the design.

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An indoor project would benefit from a stand up forklift forklift rental las vegas

Try A Telehandler

A Telescopic handler is a rough terrain machine. It is meant to be a multipurpose machine with different attachments to lift and move and place your materials. It can handle bricks, lumber, gravel, and more.

Use A Walkie When You Need A Forklift Rental Las Vegas

When you need a forklift rental Las Vegas, you’ll have the option of a walkie. This machine will pull heavier loads and put them on a pallet jack. The result is that you can move across your warehouse safely.

Don’t Forget To Reach

A reach forklift is meant for areas that have tinier aisles and space. It is ideal because the operator doesn’t have to go to the shelving area. That is beneficial because it brings the items down to you instead. As far as safety goes, you’ll find that many think this is a better option.

A Rough Terrain Needs A Proper Forklift

Operating on rough terrain means that you need the proper lift. These forklifts are built for the task of moving on unsteady ground. Rocky areas and hills won’t be a problem for this machine. However, do not use this machine in a warehouse.

Would You Like To Sit Down?

A sit-down forklift is the most well-known option for forklifts. You can use these machines in indoor and outdoor settings, and it works well because the operator doesn’t have to get in or out of the lift.

The Right Lift For Your Project

Find the proper forklift for your project using the information we have provided for you above. Remember, if a machine is only meant for the inside and vice versa, don’t use it somewhere you shouldn’t. All of these machines are a great option when you use them properly.

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