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7 Job Interview Tips for Freshers

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On successful completion of your studies, the next immediate thing to do is to apply for jobs. You need to select a job that matches perfectly your education, temperament and preferences. Only then can you enhance your profile further and rise up in the company rankings very fast. But the fact is getting a job is not that easy especially with so many competitors both freshers and experienced vying for the same post. Moreover, with dearth of jobs in most of the profiles, recruiters and hiring managers become very choosy. This is because they are able to get applications from hundreds of candidates even for a single post.It is only by reading and researching for job interview tips, especially if you are aiming for an administrative assistant position or any other occupation for fresh graduates, then you may be able to crack the formula of succeeding in an interview.

7 Job interview tips for freshers to create the right impression

Job interview tips for freshers to create the right impression

1. Dress formally for the company or job:

Avoid wearing casual dress when going for the interview. You need to know the right dress code in advance from the potential employer. Also be well-groomed. You may wear something less formal or a suit depending on the company’s culture where you are planning to give the interview. It also depends on the profile that you wish to apply for.

2. Practice excellent non-verbal communication:

You need to stand straight and by making eye contact, give a firm handshake. Doing so helps demonstrate your self-confidence and offers an amazing beginning or perhaps a quick ending to the interview.

3. Avoid talking excessively:

It can prove to be fatal if you disclose to the interview more than what is desired. When answering to unprepared interview questions, you are likely to ramble. It could be that you might give the wrong answers unwillingly. Proper preparation will require you to understand the job position, skills sought, etc. Find out if it matches your requirements.

4. Listen:

This is one of the most important job interview tips that many candidates tend to fail when attending interviews. You need to be a good listener right from the start. At the start, your interview will provide you with plenty of information that you need to understand. Not hearing it properly will mean missing out on some crucial points that may need immediate action. Excellent communication skills involve good listening skills. It shows that you have enough patience to hear what the interviewer has to say and the ability to act accordingly. Observe your interviewer. Try to match that pace and style to earn favors.

5. Use appropriate language:

Use only professional language while answering questions posed by your interviewer. Do not use even by mistake inappropriate references or slang words. Never involve anything that refers to race, age, sexual orientation, politics or religion. Such topics are likely to cause displeasure among the interviewers.

6. Avoid being too familiar:

Remember, the interview is rather a professional meeting and not a place to make new friends. Rather, your familiarity level is to mimic the demeanor of the interviewers. Do ensure being full of enthusiasm and energetic when answering questions. Do not overdo.

7. Answer all questions with great care:

Get to understand properly each and every question that is asked. If not understand request the interview to repeat or rephrase the question. Do not answer in a rush or without thinking. Rather, give yourself a couple of seconds and know what to answer for all questions. Remember to answer only to the point and not exaggerate it unnecessarily. This will prove your abilities, self-confidence and knowledge in what you speak.

Therefore, following the above job interview tips for freshers can help you to crack the interview and get the job.

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