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7 Crucial Ingredients of a Well-Written Guest Post

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Guest posting can drive a lot of important traffic to a website. It keeps the conversation going, and as a result, will keep visitors engaged. There are plenty of variations when posting, but a few tricks that make each word relatable.

1. Set Goals

The Best Guest Posting Service always has a specific goal in mind. Engagement is the easy answer, but it goes much deeper than that. Are you trying to build awareness for a product or service? Or are you trying to use inbound links to improve SEO? The goal of a guest post varies and should be decided long before the writer starts typing.

2. Stay Within the Site Owners Guidelines

Every website owner will have their own personal guidelines that need to be followed. It’s easy to gain attention by being controversial with guest posts. Despite the attention it brings, a guideline-breaking guest post is bad for business. It also makes it harder for the site owner to moderate their content. A guest post should respect the rules even when other posters are breaking them.

3. Is the Topic Hot?

Understanding what contributes to a hot topic requires researching the website. Some topics just fizzle out while others seem to go on for hours. Knowing the difference between the two is different for each and every website that accepts guest posts. Seek out the popular topic, and find the keywords that could potentially send it viral. This is hard to do but well worth the effort if it is within the site owner’s guidelines.

4. Keep Your Bio Updated

Keep your bio updated guest posting

An empty bio has little to no impact on engagement. It’s important to keep a bio that is filled, updated, and contains a clear image. Millions of users a day check bios when in a conversation with another user. Even if the writer is real, a bad profile makes will look like a shill or a bot.

5. Track Your Work

It’s rare, but sometimes old posts become slow burners. A post you created or responded to weeks ago becomes the new hot topic. If you don’t track the work, then it becomes a pileup of several missed opportunities. Don’t be surprised if a more experienced guest poster steals your thunder before there is time to react.

6. Response Time Matters

When a post blows up, every second counts. The content of your response and its timing matters when keeping the topic hot. Sometimes you have to let the other responses roll in before adding your own retort. Doing this correctly keeps the conversation going in a direction that is beneficial for the website.

7. Do You Understand the Website?

What is the website trying to accomplish? The best writer in the world can still be horrible at guest posting. Make sure your personal goals for a guest post align with what the website owner wants. Remember, it isn’t always about engagement or writing something profound. Even if you connect with the other posters, there is still a chance that you fail to push the website owner’s vision.

Make The Best Post Possible

A good guest post is priceless, so why stop there? Keep the posts coming and you’ll always be the hottest place on the internet. Search engines love a busy website, and nothing is busier than a group of engaged followers.

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