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7 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for your business in 2021

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2020 was a tough year for majority of the businesses across the globe. Many had to wind up their business while others had to incorporate new techniques to reach their customers. The pandemic and prolonged lockdowns has compelled businesses to develop a strong digital presence or lose their presence forever. Moreover, the year also saw the emergence of several new digital marketing strategies that has become a must to implement in your business.

7 digital marketing strategies to incorporate in your business

1. Google search results

Digital marketing strategy

Google has recently introduced the BERT System. Its objective is to assist Google to understand properly the natural language used by people in their search queries. Following this update, your ‘number two’ rank site in organic results might be found perhaps in page 3 or 4. This does not mean that our site is being penalized for SEO issues. Rather, Google is doing its best to provide users with relevant results for their searched keywords. Hence, you should focus on well-written content, useful links and site speed, instead of current SEO trends.

2. Micro-moments

Several trends were incorporated in recent years to target and display advertisements to potential customers. Messages were published through traditional ad channels to promote advertisements among everyone, irrespective of their interest for the product/service offered. However, traditional methods are overshadowed by modern technology-based media devices like tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. Marketers can now place ads at particular micro-moments, considered to be the different stages present in the buying process. It is during this time, their patience is low and expectations high.

3. Long-form content

This 2021, the strategy should be to develop minimum 3,000 words long post to attract traffic. This allows you to be branded as niche experts and get more space for your targeted keywords. 77% backlinks can be enjoyed with a long-form content strategy, crucial to drive organic traffic.

4. Blogging

Blogging/Content marketing does play a significant role to enhance your marketing strategy. When compared to outbound marketing, it costs 62% less, but still manages to generate about three times the leads. It requires low upfront cost while offering long-term benefits when compared to paid search. Approximately 615 million devices are found to have installed ad blockers. Content marketing ensures six times more conversion than other strategies used. Small businesses having blogs can generate 126 percent more leads when compared to those without blogs.

5. User-generated content

Are you targeting Gen Z and Millennial markets? Offer your niche audience with partnership, discount or incentives to share unique content with others. This will help enhance brand engagement quickly while driving conversion rates. Use existing consumer base to help others discover your services/products. The fact is these generations believe strongly in people in their group than companies. UGC is found to influence their purchase decisions than advertising. Hence, your content should include videos, testimonials, blogs on products/services and comments on different social media platforms.

6. Omni-Channel Marketing techniques

Consumers get spammed by ad messages in hundreds every day. Hence, you should ensure having consistent voice spread across all mediums. It should include catalogs, social media, your website and store signage.

7. Video marketing

Online video marketing

With people going mobile and favoring videos over other forms of content, you should incorporate this strategy to promote your business. Videos are amazing ways to reach your potential consumers and explain your products/services. Virtual events are becoming increasingly popular and finding virtual conference software that enhances your brand is something to seriously consider. Remember, it should have well-crafted titles, descriptions, subtitles/scripts while being search engine friendly.

Therefore, implementing the above-given digital marketing strategies will improve your business prospects in 2021 and beyond. You should study each one in detail and find out which one will be more suitable and fits your budget.

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