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6 Simple But Effective Ways to Stay Safe Online

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Since there is a constant rise of hackers, scammers, and malware, people are facing even greater risks in the digital world. However, there is no 100% solution to these problems, you may follow a few online safety tips to protect yourself.

Here are a few ways to stay safe online in this technology era.

What are the 6 Ways to be Safe Online?

Avoid Sharing Personal Information to Strangers

It is not the best idea to share your personal information with strangers. These may include your bank information, passwords, or even your address on the internet. Even you also need to avoid sharing your relationship status with strangers. Smart hackers may use your security answers to guess your password. It will reduce your chances of getting hacked and can increase your chances of internet safety.

Moreover, never reveal anything regard to your identity. The same goes for your social media account as well. Double-check with the person when sharing your personal information.

Cross-check Phishing E-mails and Links

When you receive any malicious links, websites, or e-mails, never click on them instantly. To check whether it is genuine or not, simply click on the link for a preview. A genuine link should match with the company or brand’s website.

You can even cross-check with the Google search box for verification. Similarly, when you receive an e-mail that you are unsure of, check the mail id with the company’s website. If the mail id doesn’t match the sender’s id, it may be a phishing mail.

Keep Your Anti-Virus Software Up To Date

Apart from the above internet safety tips, you need to keep your anti-virus software up-to-date. Using an anti-virus can detect any malicious threats easily.

Anti-virus software stay safe online

Malware and Trojans not only deletes your files or data but may ruin your system abruptly. The damages may include software corruption, hard drive damages, and so on. Hence, it is best to install licensed anti-virus software and keep it updated on regular basis.

Create a Backup of your Data

Most tech experts believe that taking backup of your files and data is one of the major ways to stay safe online. Consider taking backups of your system every alternative day. It can act as an important lifesaver even if your computer gets virus affected.

Another benefit of taking backups is that you can restore your computer to its original state.

Use Internet on Secured Wi-Fi Networks

Always avoid using the internet on unsecured W-Fi networks, unless there is an extreme emergency. Even if you need to login into one of these networks, never enter any financial information or personal identity.

Most of the time, smart hackers create a fake Wi-Fi hotspot. Beware of this since this is a trap to lure web surfers to enter these networks. When they login into these networks, it paves the way for them to hack the smartphone of the web surfer.

Create Complicated Passwords

Creating complex and complicated passwords on your laptop and smartphone is the best way to protect yourself online. Moreover, it will also help you to keep your financial and personal information safe from hackers.

This is an important factor in today’s fast-changing technology since data breaches can help hackers in revealing passwords easily. However, the best online safety tips is to create complicated and complex passwords for your every login account. Besides, you also need to create a strong password that is unique and contains alphabets, numeric, and characters.


The above key points might have cleared about what are the 6 ways to be safe online, but it all depends upon you. You need to remain proactive while browsing the internet and clicking on malicious links, and websites. Make sure to check everything before you proceed to click into any phishing e-mails, broken links, and so on.

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