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6 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make in Their Hybrid Work Strategy

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The recent Covid-19 pandemic had compelled businesses to adopt Remote Work almost overnight. It rather became a necessity to survive and stay afloat. But with the world overcoming this virus, a good number of organizations have been considering taking a hybrid approach. That is, it is combining office-based work with remote work. Hybrid work model does offer several potential benefits and also has its own challenges. It is necessary to come up with an effective model. Otherwise, it is likely to impact negatively both individual and team performance and growth.

Six common Hybrid Work Strategy mistakes to avoid

1. Failing to maintain regular schedule:

Two vital points are to be taken into consideration when establishing a hybrid working schedule. Define days that you desire your team to visit the office to work. Next define working hours that they are to follow. Remote work offers work flexibility. But it should not mean taking long breaks or working odd hours. Without regular schedule, it is not possible to collaborate effectively. Establishing the same can help discuss vital matters together and coordinate projects.

2. Ground rules not established:

To improve Employee productivity, it is very much important to lay down the ground rules and well define it. Otherwise, there are chances of risking productivity as well as weakening company culture. How to improve team communication? What platforms to use for online chats and meetings? What format and frequency of team meetings to follow? Are there to be established certain times or days to expect the team in office? Without ground rules, employees are likely to get disengaged and disconnected.

3. Not setting proper communication:

Not setting proper communication hybrid work strategy

Hybrid working model will ensure the team is present in office on fixed days. This will boost face-to-face conversations. There should be no communication gap between team members. Hence clear communication lines should be established. Ground rules are also to be set on how decisions are to be taken. It also includes effective communication with each member. Making a conference call is the best way to ensure all team members are on the same page. It helps in Business Growth.

4. Not adhering to online meeting rules:

If some team members are working remotely and others in the office, meetings should be held with extra caution. Conference call is required only if one or several members are engaged in Remote Work. Conference call etiquette should be established. Following a few basic rules will ensure meetings are effective and productive, irrespective of team member working location.

5. Not planning properly the days:

Hybrid model allows you to juggle between different working modes. A few days may require members to work from the office and on other days from home. To derive optimum Employee productivity, prioritize work based upon the day’s working mode. Those working from their respective homes should focus upon tasks that can be achieved effectively in that particular environment. Again, when at office, it will be better to focus on tasks requiring physical presence. Undisturbed work hours ensure completing tasks on time, achieving better quality and ensuring Business Growth.

6. Unaware of unconscious bias:

When adopting hybrid working model, it becomes essential to be wary of unconscious bias. Sharing a joke with a member at the office helps build rapport something not possible over a conference call. Often, physical proximity results in unconscious bias. People before you are often given more trust or importance. Hence, conscious effort should be made to ensure everyone is treated equally. Team members should also be encouraged to speak up in case they feel excluded.

Following some simple tips is sure to make Hybrid Work Strategy a success with the team members.

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